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How to Begin Using Social Media and SEO to Promote Your Business
SEO and Social
What makes for a great social media and SEO campaign for your company? It needs to build brand recognition using the optimum social media sites relevant to your business. In addition, your site is optimized and then optimized again for social SEO. Joe offers five great tips... more
Social Media Is Free: Social Media Marketing Is Not
Many business owners make the error of thinking that social media is not cheap, its free. Whew, many business owners are not familiar with the huge investment of time needed to start and continue a social media marketing plan. Join Joe and learn more



Entrepreneurs build new businesses. Successful entrepreneurs build new businesses that succeed. No, not Steve Jobs or Bill Gates type of success either, just a business that lets you pay your bills and have something left over towards your retirement. A favorite way for entrepreneurs to market their new businesses and established business owners as well is by using social media as a tool for expanding your brand reach. Across the nation, successful entrepreneurs use the services of Joe Mediates Atlanta-based Internet marketing company Webociti. Joe and his crew work tirelessly towards the goal of making your Internet marketing succeed.

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Transitioning from Social Media to Social Business
Social Business
When talking with colleagues about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), content marketing and social media marketing (SMM) are you or they aware that each of these strategies point towards the better use of social media? ... more 

Three Steps to Building Your Own Effective Lead Management Generation Program
The gang at Webociti understands that folks responsible for Internet marketing often have great content ideas but do not know how to reach their target audience of prospective and returning buyers. The key to successful marketing is knowing who your buyer is. Write up to, but no more than three personas that describe your buyer. Get free and valuable tips on building your own lead management generation... more


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