Dramatically Increase
Traffic to Your Restaurants

Target and Activate Prospective Diners
with Hyper-Local, Relevant Advertising

You might be surprised to learn that


of your diners visit only once ...never to return

What if you could grab those one-time diners and encourage at least 10% of them to return? 15%? The effects on your bottom line could be staggering.

Unfortunately, the cost of advertising to make that level of impact using traditional marketing and advertising methods would be astronomical. Printed ads in newspapers, videos streamed online or via broadcast television, blanketing a zip code with postcards or coupons -- these are all extremely expensive marketing strategies that may not even be reaching the right demographic

More than 33 million people

have already “cut the cord” to traditional television, making it difficult to gain
the volume of qualified viewers in your geographic location.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could digitally tag each individual who enters your restaurant and seamlessly deliver targeted messages to that diner?

Now you can.

Introducing Audience Activator,
from One of the Country's Premier
Digital Agencies

You’re probably patting yourself on the back for capturing the email address and name of someone who books a party of 10, but how can you identify and reach out to the other 9 diners?

If there’s one thing you can be sure of, it’s that your diners have some type of digital device with them at your location. When people consume content online, they are often logging into some type of service such as social media, YouTube, Roku, Amazon Prime . . . or a restaurant WiFi hotspot.

Each time an audience member dines at your restaurant or other venue, we capture valuable information by tracking their digital devices. What you learn can help enhance your messaging and enrich the customer experience.

Audience Activator offers relevant answers to these burning questions:

  • What percentage of my diners live and work within 5, 10 or 15 miles of my location?
  • How many repeat visitors do I get on a monthly basis?
  • How does my current foot traffic compare to previous weeks(or months)?
  • What percentage of diners come back once a month? 5-7 times? More than 10?
  • Are my diners also visiting my competitors?

Once you have a cohesive view of your audience activity, you can make shifts to marketing strategies to pull new and repeat business at a faster rate.

The Webociti team will help strategize the best solutions
to meet even your most aggressive growth goals.

Connected Advertising
That Moves Your Audience

Finding potential guests for your restaurant shouldn’t require broad campaigns that shotgun your message. This wastes your advertising budget and frustrates an uninterested audience.

What if you could target your messages ONLY to high-value prospects:

Audiences who already
dine at your direct
competitors’ locations

Buyers of related
goods and services

People living or working
within 5, 10 or 15 miles of
your restaurant

Whether your business features a chain of sports bars or high-end eateries, your guests are all individuals with distinct patterns and tastes. The goal is to cater to and expand that audience.

With Audience Activator, you are delivering your message directly
through a range of connected platforms:

  • Connected TV

  • Addressable TV

  • Digital Video

  • Digital Out of Home

  • Native

  • Audio

  • Social

  • Game Consoles

  • Display

  • Mobile

Plus, addressable television allows you to tailor the advertisements being shown to
a highly targeted group of individuals.

All-Inclusive Solutions for
Growing Your Foot Traffic and Revenue

Our proprietary, turnkey solution includes everything you need to get started:

Audience Activator offers relevant answers to these burning questions:

Define a strategy

Manage your project

Write and produce any ads (creative)

Video production

Place the advertising

Provide you with reports clearly demonstrating ROI

Armed with more than a decade of experience with digital marketing for restaurants and retail locations,
our team is well-qualified to recommend platforms and messaging to grow your business.

Reduce the Complexity
of Microtargeting Your Audience

With Audience Activator , you can quickly build audiences that are remarkably similar to your known

Visitors to your direct competitors

Living and working in the same locations

Similar demographics to current guests

Plus, you can reach entirely new audiences:

People in town for a sporting event or concert


Visitors to a specific landmark location

Students or visitors to local universities


What’s even better? Each engagement can be tracked in detail so you are able to actively analyze the
value being delivered by your advertising dollars. Shifting the focus of your advertising has never been
easier - and you can be confident that you are getting exceptional value for each dollar spent.

People-Based Marketing
for Restaurant Chains

Are you ready to build a complete picture of your current (and future!) guests?
With Audience Activator, you are seamlessly creating a comprehensive customer database that
empowers you to identify individuals and build a more complete picture of their behavior across devices.

How Audience Activator works:

Geographic Consumer

Target guests and prospects with pinpoint accuracy based on their current or past locations. Drill down into visitors during a specific timeframe, such as holiday guests

Brand Interactions

Want to deliver different messages to your audience based on whether they’re a current guest or new to your brand? No problem, with Audience Activator.


Now that you have a list of your guests, how about finding individuals with similar characteristics? Our secure platform allows you to find lookalike audiences with ease.

Deliver Targeted Messages
to Your Audience

You are no longer limited to billboards and ads in your local newspaper. Deliver location-based advertising to all digital channels -- plus more traditional media options, too!

Validate Your
Marketing Budget

Avoid the guesswork and uncertainty associated with traditional advertising. With Audience Activator , measurable advertising is a reality -- not science fiction.

Turning Data Into Actions

Delivering the right message to the right person at the right time is extremely powerful, and your sales results will prove it!

Here’s how you can transform your business:

Increase repeat Visitors

Steal your competitors traffic

Drive new traffic on slow business days

Enhance Customer Knowledge

Earn repeat

Gain insight to foot traffic attribution

Measure online to real-world conversions

Ready to get started supercharging your revenue?
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What If You Could Accurately Monitor Foot
Traffic with Real-World Audience Data?

Gain Invaluable Awareness of Traffic Patterns to Your Location and Your Competitors’ Locations

Executing on audience strategies requires knowledge of foot traffic around a retail location, something that has always been challenging to capture. Loyalty programs can provide some details, but what about the other thousands of visitors per year? Understanding audience patterns has been an elusive component of marketing strategies -- until now.

Gain Invaluable Awareness of Traffic Patterns to Your Location and Your Competitors’ Locations

Location-based analytics provide a unique insight into your audience, letting you detect sales potentials, know your competition, identify store clusters and build customer engagement. Each time an audience member passes an identified geolocation, you capture valuable information that can help add context to your messaging and enrich the customer experience.

Fuel Business Growth with Targeted Messaging

When you deliver targeted, relevant offers and information to your customers, you are building relationships that will stand the test of time. The high-quality, focused messaging that is possible with Audience Activator helps ensure that your brand is prominently visible on your customers’ device of choice.

Keeping Customers at the Heart of Your Marketing

While customers may complain about the overabundance of advertising, they are also extremely quick to search for online coupons or deals when they are in the market for a product or service. By providing timely and engaging offers to your audience when they are in the mood to make a purchase, you are adding value -- and driving sales to your business (and away from your competitors!).

How Audience Activator Works

There are two main components of Audience Activator:

Geo-location (Place and People Data)

Our geolocation services allow you to proactively “fence” a geographic location anywhere in the world and capture valuable information on mobile devices passing within that space.

As audiences are built, you can target direct messages via social media, websites, email, phone and even to your audience’s physical location. Adding value - and driving sales to your business (and away from your competitors!).

Geo-targeting (Location-Based Advertising)

Real-time advertising has never been so easy!

Ramping up for the “big game” or capturing audiences as they enter a specific geographic area allows you to be specific and relevant with your advertising -- adding value, not frustration for your audience

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