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Digital Advertising

Programmatic Digital Advertising

Filling your sales funnel requires more than simply writing a quick blog post and hoping that clients will come streaming in your (virtual!) doors.

You need to have a cohesive strategy to pull in new, highly-qualified prospects on an ongoing basis.

Unfortunately, many people hear the term programmatic advertising and get a little frightened that their ad spend could get out of control or that their advertising will be too difficult to manage. It’s true that programmatic advertising can add some complexity to your marketing plan, but the payoff can be significant -- when you are working with a knowledgeable partner.

Digital Advertising Program

For the past 20 years, the Webociti team has been managing hundreds of advertising campaigns for clients of all sizes -- from Fortune 500 companies to local wineries and national chains. We understand what it takes to supercharge your advertising spend, optimizing each penny to ensure our clients receive the value they deserve from their hard-earned advertising dollars.

Shifting Prospects to Buyers

Some marketers may preach that there’s a silver bullet that will immediately fill your sales funnel. The reality is quite different. Pulling in new, qualified leads requires careful and thoughtful planning -- and the right skills and tools to optimize each advertising dollar.

With our proprietary program, Webociti has taken the heavy lifting of digital advertising OFF of the business owner’s and marketer’s plate. We make programmatic advertising simple and affordable, with many of our clients seeing double-digit lifts in their website traffic and revenue from our efforts.

Each step in our digital advertising strategy utilizes a sophisticated platform for the open ad exchange, helping ensure that brands as diverse as Visa, Walmart and The University of Utah are able to track actual conversions for their brand. We specialize at shifting prospects to buyers -- and buyers to long-term advocates for your brand.

Find New Prospects

Professional Digital Advertising Management from a Google Ads Premier Partner

Professional Digital Advertising Management

Becoming a Google Premier Partner doesn’t happen overnight. It takes years of experience, a team of well-trained ad managers and proven RESULTS before Google will offer their coveted Premier Partner status to a digital agency.

At Webociti, we work closely with our clients to ensure that we are continually measuring results. This means not just looking at website visits or ad impressions.

We dig deep into the metrics, helping tie back your advertising spend to revenue dollars so we can continually tweak and adjust your advertising to achieve your desired results.

How Programmatic Advertising Works

Tracking conversion events. Custom website tags. Audience collection and tracking.

Let’s face it. These are some pretty advanced technical tactics in the ever-changing world of digital marketing. There are very few companies that are able to prove their client results over time in the way that Webociti can. We utilize a variety of tactics to ensure that your digital advertising dollars are delivering the expected ROI.

Programmatic Advertising


Keyword-level search allows you to reach more relevant searchers, more often and more effectively to enhance the reach and brand impact of display ads. With keyword-level bidding, reporting and optimization, you’ll be able to track the performance of your ads over time and achieve a greater degree of visibility into your ad spend. Bidding is adjusted based on a complex algorithm that takes recency into consideration when determining click-through rates and cost-per-click goals.

GEO Targeting


Laser-target your ideal audience within a specific geographic location with our geofencing strategies. Mobile advertising is particularly effective when paired with geolocation, allowing you to measure online to offline conversions with greater effectiveness than ever before. Our team can create virtual “conversion zones” to target your competitors’ locations or a physical event. When you marry mobile customer information with geolocation, your conversion zone reporting uncovers hidden trends that can help drive marketing and business decisions.

Contextual Advertising


There are two key kinds of contextual tagging: Keyword Contextual and Category Contextual. With Keyword Contextual, you are targeting users that consume content tagged with specific keywords. Category Contextual is a broader reach, allowing you to look for audiences reading information about your preferred categories.

Site Re-targeting


Retargeting is an essential touchpoint in the marketing funnel, and our team is able to reach out specifically to those individuals who have visited your website in the past. These highly-engaged audience members are the ones that are most likely to be interested in purchasing your products and services. Our Retargeting strategies provide some of the best and most cost-effective advertising that will help grow your business.

What Types of Ads Can Be Delivered with Programmatic Advertising?

Are you creating your digital ads with the correct sizes, or are they fully optimized to ensure you are hitting the right audience? It can be difficult to know the answers without years of experience -- or some very expensive testing!

Instead of spending your time hoping to get the formula right, partnering with Webociti helps ensure that you are making the most of each advertising dollar. Ads for our clients are displayed on our massive network that includes millions of websites and over 600,000 mobile apps.

Programmatic Advertising

We can deliver a range of digital ads, from traditional HTML5 display ads to videos, podcasts, digital radio, music streaming, smart TV content, native website ads and more.

Working with Webociti for All Your Digital Advertising Needs

When you choose Webociti as your digital advertising partner, you will immediately be assigned to a professional project manager who will help you at each step of the process. We will review any advertising you are currently doing -- as well as what your competitors are doing! This helps us set a baseline for current activities before we even get started.

We handle everything for you, from developing the ad copy to the visuals and even make recommendations on keywords and what type of advertising will help achieve your business goals.

Once we define and agree on a strategy, we get to work! Each project is tracked carefully throughout the advertising funnel to ensure that everything from your ad content to your landing pages are delivering the expected ROI.

Ready to learn more about how programmatic advertising can drive qualified, ready-to-buy traffic to your website or store location?

Contact the Webociti team today at 678-892-7157 or request a quote online anytime.

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