Video Marketing
One way to enhance local search marketing is with video. One researcher has said that “…one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words.” The result of including video on a site is more click throughs, more time on page and an overall more enjoyable search experience for users.   
Google Search
Google continues working to make the user’s experience more enriched and more useful. Some SEO experts believe that this ongoing evolution of Goggles search algorithm will ultimately lead to theme - based SEO. Learn more about this latest trend in  SEO and  local search .



Unless you run a global company, you want to show up in local search results, not in national or international results. After all, a shoe repair business in Atlanta has no use for popping up in search results for a user in Sacramento, CA or the United Kingdom. At Joe Mediate’s search marketing firm, Webociti, the firm specializes in local search results for businesses based in the United States. Using video as a tool in local search is an area in which Webociti excels. The company stays current on all the changes that take place in the process of turning clicks into customers. Call Webociti today at 888-685-4910 or click here for the contact form.

Pricing Engine
Did you know that Webociti has a web-based pricing tool that is called Webometer? This cloud based tool allows you to rapidly make adjustments to pricing and feed updates to each of your online sales outlets such as Google Shopping, Price Grabber and Nex Tag.      
Local SEO
How is your website(s) doing after the huge changes Google made in how they deliver local search results? If you thought it was difficult to get into the local search results before when results came in a seven pack, now Google only returns three results in what some call a “snack pack.”