How to Make Your Online Marketing Bring the Best Results

The need for excellent content means that each blog or article you place on your website is current, engaging, concise, and informative. The importance of a professional looking website is worth stressing at every opportunity. It is truly the place where a first impression, made in less than sixty seconds, takes hold – and if the impression is negative, there is little you can do to make it right. Webociti is a nationally recognized expert in turning clicks into conversions. We offer services ranging from content creation to a total online advertising campaign. Contact Webociti at 678-892-7157 or click HERE for the contact form.

Paid or Free Marketing and Advertising

Startups and small or medium-sized businesses have limited budgets for online advertising. At Webociti we suggest pay-per-click (PPC) advertising along with content marketing. With PPC marketing, you pay the advertising placement company every time a user clicks on a button on your site to complete an action. It may be a download, a newsletter signup, or a request for more information. Each of these is clicks that you pay for after the fact – no clicks, no costs. You might want to find a new online marketer, though...

Crappy Content Can Cause
Visitors to Flee

Wasting the time of a website visitor who has come to your site is something no internet marketer ever wants to be accused of. When Webociti turns its writing team loose on your internet marketing project we look at each element of your program to ensure it is,
•Formatted properly;
•Use correct grammar and spelling;
•Has a call to action;
•Is not overly promotional; and
•Is written in a manner that appeals to Googles robots and also to readers

The Trouble with Abandoned Shopping Carts

Every online merchant with a shopping cart function despises carts that are abandoned. But, the reason your shopper abandoned their cart before checking out, likely relates to something you did, and not some unrealistic expectation of a shopper. Following are the top five reasons consumers leave their shopping carts. Following are the top five reasons consumers leave their shopping carts.
Abandonment Reason | Consumers Abandoning Unexpected Shipping Costs | 28%
Needed to Create an Account | 23%
Conducting Research | 16%
Site and Payment Security Concerns | 13%
Check out too Confusing | 12%

Call Webociti to learn how we can aid you in reducing the number of abandoned carts left each day on your site. One key to shopping cart maximization is to have an order take as few clicks as possible. For example, if you sell a product for download, all you need is an email address and credit card information...

Is Marketing Disruption a
Good Thing?

Used correctly, Disruptive Marketing can be a great thing. In general, there are two kinds of disruptive marketing.
The first is new market disruption and the second is a low-end market disruption. New market disruption is marketing an item at a low price. Laptop computers offer a great look into low-end market disruption. At a time when laptop computers approach or exceed the sales price of a desktop computer, low-end disruption tries to sell a competing, less complex laptop without some of the fancy add-ons. Do you really need a laptop that you can use a stylus with? If not, you can save hundreds on a new laptop without onscreen writing. The second form of disruptive advertising is concerned with reaching markets that never existed before. Before there was the iTunes Store, consumers could not buy or legally download one or two songs from an album, they had to buy the entire CD. After Apple launched the iPod, the demand for downloadable music expanded.
But, users would not pay for entire albums when all they wanted was a single or two from the album. Enter the iTunes store where it became possible to do just that, disrupting all other channels of music downloads, by serving this unmet need of iPod customers...



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