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Real Estate Marketing Trends

Highly Targeted Real Estate Marketing

Of all the things offered for sale on the internet, real estate is one industry that has adapted online marketing to great advantage. Images, imaginative text, and design consistency contribute to highly targeted marketing campaigns that results in shorter time on the market for your client. Read more about Webociti's new Real Estate marketing package.


The Marketing Funnel

Companies that successfully create a marketing funnel enjoy a pipeline that consistently has buyers at each stage.
Stages in the marketing funnel are:
• Prospect
• Lead
• Customer
• Repeat customer
Prospects is the most populated part of the funnel and is --found at the top of the funnel. As a prospect moves through the funnel, each stage is less populated than the one before it. Keep reading about marketing funnels

Marketing Funnel

Webociti is The Way to Excel in Online Marketing
Learn How Your Online Marketing Can Reach New Heights

Old online marketing techniques meets advanced internet marketing know-how at Webociti. Webociti is a nationally recognized leader in internet marketing. Under the direction of Joe Mediate and his crew of talented online marketing gurus, watch your online presence soar. Joe has devoted his highly successful career in online marketing --to helping clients grow their business both organically and through the use of highly-targeted paid advertising.
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SEO Content Go Hand in Hand

Maximize Your Online Presence with SEO & Great Content

SEO is not dead, and content is not king. SEO and content go hand in hand to bring prospects into the marketing funnel. SEO is much more than using keywords repetitively. Today SEO uses long-tail keywords to catch the attention of search engine bots, and quality content keeps prospects on the page to convert to a lead. More on this topic


The Rise of Key Topics

Both internet searchers and internet marketers are familiar with key words. Many experts now tout the use of Key Topics to cast a wider net for prospects. No one suggests that content should not use key words, but, key words can be used to develop key topics. Learn more about this increasingly popular marketing tactic. Find out more about key topics...

Key Topics



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