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How the Internet of Things Helps Business Marketing Become Smarter
Consumers and businesses utilize the Internet of Things all the time. For consumers uses include connected home alarm systems, smart utility meters, connected home lighting and more. Business also use the IoT for many reasons, including collecting and analyzing sales data, new devices used by businesses that are IoT compatible are smarter than the devices they replace... more➙ 
Local Search and Your Business. Get your company ranking in local search
Some Tips for Local Search Optimization
1. Use local landmarks. For example, if you are across the street from a local landmark, mention it on your site. A statement like, across the street from Landmark Hotel. Of course, include your address and phone number too.
2. Use social media to reinforce your website. Start pages on Google+, Facebook, and other social media that caters to folks who need your services and products more➙



There are loads of things Internet Marketers can do to improve their return on investment for Internet marketing. Webociti, the Atlanta based, United States Internet Marketing go-to company is known across the United States. Joe Mediate, company founder knows that local search, mobile search, the Internet of Things (IoT) and important essentials for online marketing come together for a successful online experience. At Webociti, Joe and his team stay current on all aspects of Internet marketing. Webociti offers a free marketing consultation. Call Webociti today at 678-892-7157 or click here for the contact form. We can help.

Not Mobile Optimized? – You Lose the Race for Local Searchers
Optimization for mobile devices is necessary. Back in April, Google announced that mobile device optimization is a factor in Google search results. In addition, why strive for a national search engine return when your customers or clients are local? If you need assistance call me at Webociti. The toll-free number is 888-685-4910. Or, you can schedule a call with us here ... more➙ 
Essential for Online Advertising
With all the digital ads on the Internet, how can you differentiate your company and attract visitors to your website – after all, if you run a pet supply online store why is it different from other pet supply merchants? Grab the attention of Internet users with tactical weapons such as,
  • Illustrations
  • Photos
  • Sound
  • Interesting Words
  • Video
Many companies find staying current with their content and images is a daunting task. Call Webociti today at 888-685-4910 or click here for the contact form...more➙


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