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As a bankruptcy attorney, you provide a valuable service for businesses and individuals. When people are in a financial crisis, it can be difficult to know where to turn.

Sharing your story online helps you build a feeling of empathy for your clients and positions you as a thought leader -- a professional who fully understands the bankruptcy landscape and can help your clients navigate through these dangerous waters. Sure, having high Google rankings and a stellar website will help, but you also need to tell the story of your law firm

Why are you the best attorneys for bankruptcy in your area?

What special traits and experience do you bring to each client?

Marketing Your Bankruptcy Law Practice

Digital marketing for bankruptcy law can easily become overwhelming. Even if you have someone dedicated to part-time or full-time to marketing, it’s nearly impossible to stay on top of all the trends across:


Search engine

Display Advertising

Display advertising with retargeting

GEO Targeting


Web Design


Social Media Advertising

Social media

Content Development

Content development / copywriting

Digital Advertising

Digital advertising (PPC, or pay-per-click)

Finding Qualified Leads in Your Geographic Area

One of the key benefits of digital advertising is the ability to directly target individuals in a specific geographic area with messages that build on your brand. With over a decade of experience in programmatic advertising, our team is able to work with bankruptcy attorneys to create a series of messages that can be delivered across multiple platforms.

Consider this: Your ideal client could be seeing your message across social media, in their Google search results page, on other websites that they visit, on streaming video -- and even on their favorite podcasts! Without the power of our proprietary tools, you may find yourself greatly overspending on this type of advertising. Plus, we provide ongoing reports to ensure that you are getting the full benefit you deserve for each advertising dollar that you spend.

Marketing is often one of those projects that is fit in around other tasks. Unfortunately, many bankruptcy lawyers don’t realize that consistent and effective marketing is a vital component of their firm’s growth! Without a dedicated focus on marketing your law firm, you risk losing lucrative opportunities to your local or regional competitors.

At Webociti, we provide you with a fully-staffed marketing team -- all dedicated to your success. We are able to manage as much or as little of your law firm’s marketing as needed, all while you focus on fine-tuning your operations and serving your clients. When you nurture clients throughout the onboarding process, you can be confident that you’re creating lifelong advocates for your law firm.

One Agency for All of Your Law Firm Marketing Needs

If you’re frustrated with having a rolodex full of vendor contacts for website design and development, social media posting and marketing, digital advertising and email marketing -- your problems are solved!

You’ll have access to a dedicated project manager who has in-depth knowledge of your law firm’s requirements

Our team has decades of experience in the corporate world, but we all knew that we wanted something different from our days. Instead of spending time in politics and negotiations, we prefer to provide solid and reliable results for our law firm clients. For a single monthly fee, you are able to reduce the stress and frustration that can go along with marketing and simply enjoy receiving a plethora of new and highly-qualified leads for your law firm.

"When I started working with Webociti, I was overwhelmed by the massive influx of new clients. Joe told me it would take several months to build the marketing infrastructure needed to be successful -- and I am so glad that I gave his talented team the time to pull this off! For the first time, we are seeing double-digit growth in our agency’s new client volume, all thanks to the marketing efforts of Webociti. "

Marcie H.,

Winner, 2019 Top 50 Attorneys in Atlanta

Top 3 Benefits of Working with a Law Firm Marketing Agency

Marketing is one of those business functions that can be an ongoing source of frustration (“Why are we paying so much for our marketing and seeing such minimal results?”) or glee (“I can’t believe we have 13 keywords on the first page of Google results -- and double-digit website traffic growth this month!”).

Here are the top 3 benefits of selecting Webociti as your bankruptcy law marketing team.

Legal Marketing

We optimize the digital presence of your business: identifying top keywords, fine-tuning your PPC advertising spend -- and getting rid of low-value keywords that aren’t driving new business.

We often find that we’re able to effectively REDUCE your overall ad spend while still driving more new clients to your law firm!

Attorney Marketing

It can be tough to create ongoing blog posts or longer thought-leadership pieces that help present your team as knowledgeable about important topics for your brand.

Our content team has written over 5,000 articles and has a 100% approval rate from even our most discerning clients.

Legal Advertising

Updating your website takes time and attention away from revenue-generating activities

Our team seamlessly takes over this task, ensuring that your content and design stays fresh and relevant at all times.

From writing dozens of law websites and hundreds of articles and whitepapers to decades optimizing content for pay-per-click advertising, the Webociti team has the tools and experience needed to provide measurable and reliable marketing results for bankruptcy law firms.

Each marketing or advertising action is measured and tied to the most important metric of all: revenue!

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