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Let's face it. Your competitors are actively marketing their services online -- through social media, a robust web presence, content marketing, internet reviews and more -- and they are aggressively targeting your potential customers. Today's marketing landscape has changed drastically. While it's been enough to promote positive word of mouth reviews and print advertisements in the past, successful lawyers must now reach beyond traditional advertising in order to grow their business.

This shift in advertising spend may prove challenging as internet marketing has a different cycle and flow than print, and tends to be much faster while requiring a more personalized touch. Having Webociti as a partner means you have a team on your side who deeply understands how to connect with potential customers on the web -- which provides a strategic and competitive advantage for your law firm's internet marketing.

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Law Firm Internet Marketing

Online Visibility

Search today is an important part of any purchasing journey, and that starts with excellent search results and website SEO. Content is a critical aspect of this mix as search engines promote content that is fresh and engaging to readers. Webociti understands how to ensure that your firm stands out from the competition in a positive way whether potential clients are searching on the web, on social media or through a review platform such as Yelp.

Law Firm Internet Marketing

High-Impact Marketing

Our team of motivated professionals includes individuals with a legal background, so even though their primary expertise may be in video production, coding or marketing -- they still bring the legal perspective to the table for each client. Our law firm internet marketing plans provide you with a roadmap for success, that will allow you to improve your firm's online persona and hone your market cachet.

Law Firm Internet Marketing

What We Do

When it comes to law firm internet marketing, there are a variety of tactics that we utilize to ensure that your firm is highly visible and well-represented online:


Marketing today is very much a conversation, with firms listening for a need and having an offer prepped and ready to help a potential client at their moment of need. Our legal clients report significant gains in web traffic and overall business growth when they leverage Webociti strategies and tactics. The ability to micro-target groups of individuals with a message is a valuable benefit that requires a great deal of care and nurturing to do correctly.

If your firm is ready to reach new audiences, engage more clients and grow exponentially, contact Webociti today for a free consultation at 678-892-7157. We will work with your leadership to create a personalized law firm internet marketing plan that will position your business for the future. Our internet marketing professionals will help you generate more leads, improve your online presence and gain new clients -- starting immediately!


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