Real Estate Digital Marketing Program

Did you know that there is a way to beat your competitors to new buyers and sellers? It is a special service exclusively for real estate firms to alert them when new buyers enter the real estate market.

This special package of services allows you to measure the performance of your online marketing and advertising spend so you can devote more resources to what works and stop wasting money on marketing and advertising that doesn’t. The goal is to have your matrix for what it cost to advertise thus giving you the knowledge to grow.

Knowing your firm’s advertising cost for:

  • A click
  • An opt-in
  • An appointment
  • A sale

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All from the perspective of your online marketing and advertising spend allows you to accurately budget your marketing dollars.

This internet marketing company, Webociti, has a special package for real estate companies. Webociti was founded and remains under the direction of Digital Marketing Consultant Joe Mediate. Joe is a successful online marketing entrepreneur and real estate enthusiast. The package he has put together integrations your firm’s website, search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, Pay Per Click advertising, digital advertising and reputation management and most important the ability to identify buys and sellers as they enter the market.

Webociti is an digital marketing consulting firm that helps businesses grow. But, we know at Webociti that strategies differ for attracting new home buyers compared to, for example, selling a pair of piece of furniture or a sweater. Some strategies are the same, how they are implemented differ by industry.

The Webociti Real Estate Online Marketing & Advertising Package Details

The goal is growth! – and Webociti has the systems in place to help your business soar.

  • We have a system in place that identifies new buyers and sellers in the neighborhoods where your firm does business.
  • Once prospective clients are identified we already have systems in place to market and advertise to them using predictable processes.
  • These processes help fix your costs throughout the entire online sales funnel.
  • Our system includes analytics that helps you measure the effectiveness of your online marketing and advertising campaigns – down to the cost per click, as described in the list above.
  • Webociti also helps to automate many marketing tasks so your firm can spend more on servicing both buying and selling clients and less time doing marketing actives you know little about.

Although our systems are proven to succeed and are standardized for use in the real estate industry, each of our clients has a different mix of services based solely on need – in other words, implementation methods and program components are customized to meet your needs at a predictable cost. You will work with one of our Real Estate Agency Marketing Consultants to customize a program for your agency.


We Help You Determine The Cost For Each Step Of The Sales Funnel Cost?

Webociti helps you determine your cost for success. No longer will you look at marketing and advertising as an expense but as a revenue-generating activity, not as a loss of income:

  • Cost per click – for example clicking on a banner ad to get prospects to your site
  • Cost for an Opt-in – for a newsletter, neighborhood snapshot and other ways of engagement.
  • Cost for an Appointment
  • Cost to obtain a new client

These ranges are somewhat dependent on the locale of your agency and your competitive environment.


Take Aways

  1. Webociti is a successful digital marketing firm with a package of services designed especially for real estate firms.
  2. Each level within the sales funnel falls into a predictable cost.
  3. Webociti has a system that identifies new buyers and sellers before your competition learns who they are.
  4. The real estate digital marketing program from Webociti includes integration of your real estate firm’s website, search engine optimization (SEO), social media, reputation management and digital advertising.
  5. Webociti shows you the way to automate several time sinking repetitive online marketing tasks.
  6. We keep you informed on Real Estate marketing trends and how to take advantage of them.


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