Using Video to Enhance Online Marketing Performance

Using Video to Enhance Online Marketing Performance

The evidence is strong regarding the inclusion of video in SEO optimized content. Forrester Research’s Dr. James McQuivey says,

A minute of video is worth 1.8 million words.

McQuivey is not talking in some esoteric manner, he is talking about the use of video to attract new, and keep existing customers coming back, to a businesses’ website. This factoid suggests that video is a terrific way to do Internet marketing.

In fact, according to Internet infrastructure company Cisco, 69 percent of all consumer Internet traffic will be attributed to video in just two years – that is by 2017. As online video continues to grow as a way for Internet users to get their information and entertainment, small and medium – sized businesses that are not using video to get their messages across to consumers, are ‘leaving money on the table.”

The money that could be theirs, went instead to an online seller who uses video as a tool for explaining a merchant’s value proposition, manufacturing process, fashion lineups and so many other examples for both business-to-business marketing and business-to-consumer marketing.

Following Facebook, YouTube is in second place as the most popular website in the world with more than 1 billion unique visitors each month. Your first video can tap into those one billion people. No doubt, video is a powerful medium. Following are some tips to get started with a video for your marketing.

Getting Started with Video

When thinking video, think local search. On any given day, the prized 18 to 34-year-old demographic who own a smartphone rely on their smartphones more than any other device. Be sure that your video content is mentioned on your page in SEO text that can be discovered by Google’s and other search engine’s bots. One drawback to a video is that Google Analytics and other similar services are not able to give detailed information on video performance. The following tips will get you started on a budget with video Internet marketing.

Tip 1: Only Use Informative Content When Doing A DIY Video.

Save your branding or marketing video(s) for a professional. When audiences get the information they are looking for, poor production values are dismissed as being unimportant. To make sure your video is filled with relevant information think along the lines of advice, tips, or recommendations.

Tip 2: Video Engages Customers at all Levels – B2B and B2C

Your industry dictates the kind of video you need to make. Companies that sell a product do best when a video is shot explaining how a product works. Service industry providers such as a home inspection service do well shooting a video of home inspection results – and how knowing about them before closing saves your clients money. While most of us can talk for ours about our business, it is best to keep videos to under two minutes – that way, Internet searchers come back for more.

Tip 3: Be Confident in Your Presentation

If you never performed in front of a camera before it is easy to be anxious and feel awkward too. But, your audience cares little about you – it is the information you share that is important. Remember, you know more about your topic than 95 percent of searchers and that alone ought to make you feel confident. Don’t use a script that you read or memorize – a droning voice appears less enthusiastic than one that is fresh. So, use some notes, rehearse a bit and make sure you practice smiling as you talk before you shoot the video.

Tip #4: You Likely have all the Technology You Need

If you have a smartphone or a web camera on your computer you have everything you need to make a DIY video. For a smartphone, you may want to consider a tripod to keep your camera steady, but you can get along without by placing your camera on a sturdy solid surface.

Once your video is done, upload it for free to YouTube where you get exposure to YouTube users and shares. Promote your video on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and other social media networks that you belong to. You may want to place the video on your landing page on your site too.

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