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Yes! You Can Afford an Online Marketing Program

Webociti Has Solutions if This is Your Marketing Budget

Yes! You Can Afford an Online Marketing Program
Yes! You Can Afford an Online Marketing Program

Startups and small or medium-sized businesses know they have to advertise if they want to grow, but are reluctant to do so because they fear they cannot afford to.

The purpose of advertising is to interest consumers and customers in the goods or services you sell in an efficient and effective way. Internet advertising, both free and paid, is the most efficient advertising you can find. Already major brands have abandoned or reduced more traditional types of advertising for the advantages gotten from online marketing. But, to start an online marketing campaign you need a website.

To keep expenses as low as possible, you may choose to use a template from a free service. With your new website, you have to find a URL that is available. If you do choose this DIY method of getting a website, you should know there are some drawbacks – most important is that since you are using a template provided by the creation website, your own site will not be unique. No matter how hard you try to personalize the site, it is still a “cookie cutter” type of site that you will see often as you go online. Companies such as Webociti create a unique site that is professional and works well across all devices.

What Comes Next?

Well, when I talk about the internet or online marketing I mean a combination of low paid advertising and content marketing. Once your brand is well-established you might be able to wean yourself out of paid advertising and use organic means only. But, to begin, I recommend pay per click advertising along with SEO and great content.

Paid Advertising

For paid advertising try a pay-per-click advertising service such as Google Adwords. When you advertise using Ad-words your ad appears on the right-hand side of relevant user searches, so before you make a bid on a keyword, use the free Google Keyword Planner.

Content Advertising

Starting with your website, you can create content one of three ways:

  1. Create it yourself;
  2. Hire a freelancer or web marketing company such as Webociti to write it; or
  3. Re-post an article or blog post that is relevant to your customers

If you do choose to use the third method, make sure you give credit to the source and author where you found the work you share. Never use someone else creative work and try to pass it off as your own. Getting caught will be embarrassing and could result in legal action against you.

Once you have a website, you can also create pages on social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Etsy to share your content. Etsy and Facebook are especially good if you want to add images of your products.

The drawback to social media and on-site blogs is that they need to be kept up. The upkeep and creation of marketing for the internet is a time intensive task. One that may be best served by Webociti. Call me now for a free consultation at 678-892-7157. Webociti is an affordable yet renown provider of internet marketing assistance.

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