Digital Advertising 101

Essentials for Online Advertising

Essentials for Online Advertising


AIDA is Essential to Internet Marketing

Internet copywriters often use a formula known as AIDA. This acronym stands for,

  1. Attention
  2. Interest
  3. Desire
  4. Action

My post today takes a look at AIDA as an Internet Marketing Tool.


Ads are useless unless they grab an Internet user’s attention. An ad that is never looked at by its target audience is no better than no ad at all. Also, ads that are delivered to the wrong location or beside problematic content, or attracting invalid traffic is of no help either.

With all the digital ads on the Internet, how can you differentiate your company and attract visitors to your website – after all, if you run a pet supply online store why is it different from other pet supply merchants? Grab the attention of Internet users with tactical weapons such as,

  • Illustrations
  • Photos
  • Sound
  • Interesting words
  • Video

As an experienced Internet marketer, I keep all of these in my toolbox. Note, you don’t have to think of a brand to attract attention – just make a point about your product or company that is interesting and unique. Present your products and services as no one else has. Effective techniques for getting attention include

  • The ability to grab attention in 3 seconds or less
  • Be as specific as humanly possible
  • Headlines can be several lines or just a short blurb

Headlines that work include,

  • How-to–How to Be Healthy in Less Than a Week
  • News style – Woman Loses Thirty Pound in Thirty Days
  • Direct Offer – Take 25% Off Now
  • Guarantee – If You Aren’t Happy You Get Your Money Back!
  • Benefit – Get Your Six Pack Abs the Easy Way
  • Testimonial – I Love (your product) So Much!
  • Explanatory – The Never Before Revealed Secrets of Weight Loss

So words like these accompanied by photos or other imagery are proven ways to get the attention you deserve.


Generating interest in your product or service is limited only by your imagination. In my area of the country, there are ads running on TV for the Duluth Trading Company. One ad pits their brand of underwear against a grizzly bear – of course, the underwear wins. The ad is interesting (at least to me) as I remembered it and cited it here. Use social media along with paid advertising to make your Internet ad campaign more compelling.


Another challenge is making a product or service desirable. Prompt responses to posts on your website or social media page is important to establish your customer service chops and help make folks want to use your products or services.


Be sure that your calls to action (CTA) are clear and written specifically for the site you are posting on. The CTA on Facebook may be to offer a free download of an article about your products while on your website the CTA might be for a purchase.

Running an online marketing campaign requires unique knowledge and skills. As a long-time Internet marketing firm owner, I have both. If you need help in running your online ad campaign call or contact me at Webociti. Our number is 678-892-7157.

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