Bulls-Eye The Intelligent Marketing System

Webociti Offers New Service: Bulls-Eye Marketing

Bulls-Eye The Intelligent Marketing System

Want to hit the bulls-eye in marketing your company? If you are reading this, I know you do – and Webociti can help you do it on your very next marketing campaign. I am proud to let you know that Webociti is offering a new service, Bulls-eye the Intelligent Marketing System.

What is Bulls-eye Marketing?

Bulls-Eye The Intelligent Marketing System

We do a highly sophisticated analysis of your customer base that results in our discovering your customer base profile to allow you to market to similar people. All we need to complete your customer base profile is a list of your customers. We profile your customers against our database to give you a finer-tuned profile of your customer.

How The Program Works

All over the Webociti site, you find a slogan that reminds our clients and our prospective clients that we “turn clicks into customers.” Our Bulls-eye Marketing Program allows us to continue doing that for you with more precision. No longer will your marketing target audience have a large number of folks that have no interest in your product or service – we provide targets that match your customer profile.


For local and regional clients, once we know the characteristics of your customer base profile, we target new prospects in the zip codes that are prevalent in your client base. For customers that sell goods or services nationally, zip codes are unimportant, all that matters is the profile match.

This means that we target people in zip codes where you already have a customer base. National sellers list are optimized only on common traits, not by zip code.

Intelligent Marketing

We use a four stage intelligent marketing campaign that is made up of email, digital displays (online marketing), social media, and direct mail.


Email is sent to a targeted list that we generate from your customer list of people who have taken an action online, but have not yet ordered from you. They are sent a new email that asks them to take action. The action may be a newsletter signup, a click for a download, or some other indication of a marketable interest based on the email they got.

Digital Display Advertising

Once we learn that an email recipient has a marketable interest, we direct digital display advertising. Many refer to this type of marketing as online marketing – a term I find woefully inadequate as there are so many types of online advertising.

Since the original email contains a stored cookie, getting digital display ads to intended receivers is easy.

Social Media

Utilizing Social has proven to be very successful. Whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat…the options continue to grow and companies need to take advantage of these sites to help get the word out. Facebook alone is well beyond 1.5 billion users now!

Direct Mail / Final Step

As soon as the potential customer clicks on the banner ad, an email with an offer about the ad is at their inbox within one hour – reaching them when they recall the ad and offer and are motivated to buy.

Screen out existing customers and send them a first class letter.

The Benefit

On your behalf, we make up to four contacts with potential clients. Why is this important? The more times your brand is seen the more trusted you become. Your online marketing reinforces your other advertising media including yard signs, truck(s), and your sales team too – no matter what its size.

By running our Bulls-Eye Intelligent Marketing Campaign for several weeks, you will generate an entire profile on your market area and a highly focused target audience for your marketing efforts.

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