Disruptive Marketing

How Disruptive Marketing May Help Your Conversion Rate

Disruptive marketing is more of a movement than a marketing strategy. Today, most companies continue using traditional marketing methods, but, they also are beginning to allocate more dollars for internet marketing than ever before. Disruptive Marketing This does not signal an increase in marketing spend as much as it shows companies becoming educated to the benefits of online marketing.

How Disruptive Marketing May Help Your Conversion Rate

Disruptive marketing is a solution to consumers increasing deafness and/or blindness to routine kinds of marketing messages. Marketing departments using disruptive marketing techniques to challenge the conventional thinking in a market that already exists or create a new market using disruptive techniques.

You may think this sounds like gibberish, so let’s discuss market disruption in more depth.

Market Disruption Comes in Two Types

The two most common forms of marketing disruption are New-Market Disruption and Low-End Market Disruption.

New-Market Disruption

This type of marketing targets customers whose needs have not been matched to the services and products of existing companies. A notable example of this is Apple iTunes store. Before there was the iTunes Store, consumers could not buy or legally download one or two songs from an album, they had to buy the entire CD. After Apple launched the iPod, the demand for downloadable music expanded.

But, users would not pay for entire albums when all they wanted was a single or two from the album. Enter the iTunes store where it became possible to do just that, disrupting all other channels of music downloads, by serving this unmet need of iPod customers.

Low-End Disruption

Low-end disruption targets consumers who don’t want or need all the features demanded by buyers at the high-end of a particular market. One example is the manner in which desktop personal computers replaced the mainframe computer. In turn, the desktop computer is being challenged by the laptop computer, which also is undergoing disruptive changes with detachable keyboards and the ability to draw and write on computer screens.

When laptops first came on the computing scene they were less powerful than desktops and had fewer features. People wanted mobility and were willing to sacrifice some features (speed and memory in this case) to get it. Today, laptops are more powerful than ever and continue to make inroads into sales of desktop PCs.

Disruption & Internet Marketing

Desktop PCs and notebooks have a large number of users who installed ad blockers on their computers and laptops. This makes the use of disruptive marketing more of a necessity as some routinely paid internet advertising will be coopted by an ad blocking program. I think that content marketing used on social media and your blogs and sites will be of huge importance as ad blockers will not filter out the content containing your marketing message.

One of the great things about postings on social media is that you can mix new material created by you or by a ghost writer for you with relevant content from other blogs and sites – just be certain to give credit when reusing other people’s content.

Brief Examples of Disruptive Advertising

Disruptive online advertising can be used effectively if:

  1. Your company takes a stand on an issue and fights for it – a great example is when a company contributes to a cause such as Cancer research and promotes the cause on their own sites with social media links.
  2. Be a little outrageous – one example is an advertising plan used by Nissan Motors in cooperation with Amazon. 100 Nissan Versa Note cars were sold online by Nissan on the Amazon site. The Nissan Versa Note page was set up to mimic the regular Amazon pages
  3. Meet changing needs – do you recall the digital camera that was point and shoot? It was all the rage until technology caught up. Today a digital camera for professionals means a digital SLR compact that has all the bells and whistles of a regular professional grade film camera. Everyone else prefers the camera in our smartphone. Point and shoot digital cameras are pretty much extinct. So, if you used to sell accessories for digital cameras, now you need to continue your accessory sales to pros, but also sell smartphone cases to the hordes of potential customers across the nation or across the globe.

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