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Not Mobile Optimized? – You Lose the Race for Local Searchers

From time to time I have written here about the importance of optimization of your site for mobile device users. If I haven’t convinced you that you need to be mobile optimized, take a look at the following stats.

  1. On May 15, 2015, Google announced that “More Google searches take place on mobile devices than on computers in 10 countries including the US and Japan.” 
  2. Nearly 7 billion people use mobile phones approaching 90 percent of the population of earth.
  3. 80 percent of Internet users own a smart phone
  4. 72 percent of consumers surveyed want mobile-friendly sites
  5. 53 percent of mobile searches are by consumers looking for local goods or services
  6. According to  MediaPost, “Mobile shoppers put ease of use foremost when it comes to mobile shopping sites, with 48% of respondents citing it as the most important quality of a mobile site they visit.”

Together or separately, the above six statistics offer compelling reasons to make sure your website is mobile optimized.
Mobile Optimized

Tips on Mobile Market Optimization

Some of these tips require that you are knowledgeable about how mobile sites work. If you need assistance call me at Webociti. The toll-free number is 888-685-4910. Or, you can schedule a call with us here.

Remember back in April when Google announced that regarding web search rankings mobile-friendliness became a factor in ranking? Well, optimizing for mobile makes Google and its bot army happy with your site – an important factor for your overall Internet marketing campaign.

Tip 1 – Mobile SEO

The design for mobile websites should be responsive website design (RWD). RWD is a particular way of designing a site so that is viewed optimally and delivers a good interactive experience with as little resizing, scrolling, and panning as well as easy navigation. Page speed for loading and navigating have to be quick – mobile users are not necessarily a patient bunch and many will look for a faster site than yours if yours takes too long to load.

Tip 2 – Content

Making things shorter is not a good idea, but making content concise is. Mobile users want content that is both impactful and scannable by the human eye and brain. Get read of clutter and be sure you format in a way your audience appreciates – information should not be removed if it is relevant, but content should be offered in chunks that are bite-size and easy to consume.

Using images is a big draw on mobile devices. I recall a statistic that said conversions were as much as 60 percent higher for mobile sites with images. Caution here though – make sure the images do not slow your load time.

Use video too. Conversion rates are even higher when you do with click-through rates increased by 200 to 300 percent.

Social Media

Did you know that in 2015 there are more than 1.69 billion social media accounts that are accessed exclusively through smartphones? Don’t forget about your social audience when you craft and put up social media content.

Try to find social media platforms that offer mobile-friendly apps and add-ons that you can easily tie your brand into.

Also, be visual as discussed in the tip for Content.

Mobile optimization is the way local marketing is headed. If you need any help give us a call at 678-892-7157 or visit us at Webociti.

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