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Content Needs Images, Infographics and Video to Blow the Competition Away

Your Content Needs Images

Do you think getting your content is hard? I do. In fact, a recent source says there are two million posts published every day! Your blog is only one and competing with 1,999.999 others. One way you can stand out, is using images, infographics, and video to attract more visitors. The supporting this are unbelievable

  • Articles and post with images have 94 percent more views than those without
  • Article and posts that include video with images get 567 percent more links than those without these features
  • Increase conversions by 86 percent by using a video on your landing page.
  • Studies show that while 20 percent of people will read text, 80 percent prefer to watch a video with the same content.
  • Placing a video on your blog increases readership by 60 percent.

For small and medium sized businesses you can blow away the competition without blowing away your budget.


It is imperative that your video relates to your content for it to make a difference in sales. You can make your own video, for example, talk about how your business meets consumer needs. A video camera with a microphone can be bought for less than $25. There is a free website, where you can record your video. Of course, it is not as slick as a professional video. But, free is always good! Sources for free videos include YouTube, and Wikimedia Commons. But, carefully read the licensing requirements and follow them carefully so you don’t get into copyright trouble. But, video is worth the trouble; in a post called “Video is the New Black for Content Marketing,” says that video content is projected to account for more than 80% of all web traffic in a few years.

Topics to Consider for Video

Discussing on a video how your business meets your customer needs is just one topic for a video, others include;

  • Credentials – in a short video tell viewers who you are and what you do, you can even include employee testimonials within the video.
  • Testimonials – they can be from current and former customers or clients. Every time you update, you have a chance to use social media to publicize your site.
  • Information – These are short video that you can make it batches. Topics can include new trends, how tos, and such. Just sit in front of a webcam and microphone and using punch words make short videos in one sitting. When appropriate, you can swap them out for others in your library.


Using images alone is ok, using them with video is outstanding! Again, relevance counts, as does licensing, but there are tons of resources for finding complete free images. They include;

  • Wikimedia Commons
  • Flickr
  • Pinterest


Visual content is processed and remembered much better than plain text. Here is an example of an infographic;



See how quickly this infographic gets your attention! You can make your own free.

Recently I read that the brain processes visual information more rapidly than prose Think about how visual data on your blog or article speeds up information to readers. There is no reason for failing to include images, infographics, and video in your blogs and articles. Failing to do so puts you at a competitive disadvantage. Remember your content needs images.