Running an Integrated Digital Marketing Campaign

Bringing new customers to a business from the internet requires more than just a well-developed website. The number of websites online continues to increase exponentially, with the milestone of 1 billion websites crossed in the fall of 2014. Businesses face very steep online competition.

Gaining attention requires a concentrated effort to build a brand name and reputation across the internet. This can only be done with a concrete web strategy that involves developing an integrated digital campaign.

What is an integrated digital campaign?

When a company builds an integrated digital marketing campaign, they carefully coordinate their strategy across various types of digital media. A successful campaign will create a common brand voice that will introduce customers to the value of the brand no matter where they might come across the company.

Like all digital marketing efforts, the campaign will have to be customer centric. Customers today take initiative to research and read reviews. They are turning to sales representatives much later in the sales funnel. The integrated digital marketing campaign will take into account these consumer needs and strive to use the different tools of online marketing to be resources for customers whenever they might need them.

Building the integrated digital marketing campaign

When companies begin to draft ideas for creating an integrated digital marketing campaign, they will have to develop strategies for a few different areas. This includes:

  • Mobile marketing
  • Social engagement and social media
  • Content development
  • Targeted PPC marketing
  • Metrics and measurement


Mobile marketing

Mobile retail commerce continues to rise and is expected to reach 22 billion in 2015 and 27 billion in 2016. Companies who want to see success online need to have websites and a general web presence that is mobile friendly. This means responsive websites, investing in mobile advertising, and having information that mobile users would be interested in such as phone numbers readily available.

Social engagement and social media

An estimated 1 in 4 people worldwide use social media. That means companies have a tremendous obligation to include these platforms in their digital marketing platform. The company should have established social profiles where they regularly publish valuable content and take the time to engage with their page visitors.

Content development

Potential customers doing their research online seek companies who can answer their questions and provide them with the valuable information. The cornerstone of any successful digital marketing strategy must be high quality content. Content can be in the form of blog posts, white papers, articles, and case studies.

Targeted PPC marketing

Companies using PPC marketing can craft advertisements that will target potential customers when they visit certain sites or use particular keywords. Campaigns can even be developed that will target customers who have visited the company website in the past to encourage them to return. Use PPC ads to complement certain content that has been developed and bring customers to view particular content that matches what they were searching for online.

Metrics and measurement

No marketing campaign will mean much if there is no way to monitor how well the different areas perform. The ideas of ‘brand reach’ and ‘presence’ can be difficult to quantify, but their outcomes are not. Companies should be looking for changes in customer engagement, such as the number of people sharing and responding to content. Monitor the number of customers who convert from social media pages, the pages people arrive on, and the content they spend the most time reading. Conversions from regular website visitors are vital as well.

When companies can bring these various elements together with a common voice and message, their integrated digital campaign will help position them for success. The internet provides businesses of all sizes with the tools they need for success. An integrated digital marketing campaign helps companies bring them all together.

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