SEO And Content Secrets Internet Marketers Need to Know

SEO And Content Secrets Internet Marketers Need to Know

Thanks to Google and other search engine providers, the difference between SEO and content is almost indistinguishable unless the content is bad. If you have content used on another website without attribution, content that is stuffed with keywords but provides no useful information, or content that is grammatically unintelligible – you have bad content, and therefore, you also have lousy SEO.

But there are secrets known by professional Internet copywriters about the odd relationship between SEO and content.

Some people say that they or the company they own were the first to come up with a matrix that solves the problem (that never existed) of search engine optimization, and strangely were among the first to profess the death of SEO and the rise of content as king of Internet marketing.

This is really stupid. You cannot separate the two. As noted Internet marketing guru Neil Patel often says, “They go together like peanut butter and jelly.” But if really ticked off, he overstates by comparing SEO and content to “milk and cookies.” The truth is that you cannot separate them, they need each other to work and cannot succeed without one another. Patel often says, “Two years ago, we weren’t doing SEO, and last year we didn’t decide to attack content. Good SEO bonds to good content.” Experienced content writers know this and clients need to understand this too. No matter what you think your Internet content agency orders up for your content, if the writer is good, you get great content and great SEO.
SEO and Content Secrets

You cannot separate content from SEO, but, they do not replace one another or do the other’s job. The reason you cannot separate them is because they overlap. Imagine two circles laid over one another so that the overlap is equal on both sides. If you remove the overlap, neither side profits and both lose. Nevertheless, there are differences between them, most importantly from an elemental perspective.

  • SEO is narrow and technical.
  • Content marketing is holistic and broad.

They do meet too.

  • The way to use SEO in a wider way is to use its unique features in your content. Today’s most advanced SEO is synonymous with crafting content that is so compelling, other people want to share it by linking to it or sending friends it’s URL. This benefits the publisher of this type of content by raising brand awareness, trust, and authority in your space; and
  • On the other hand, the best way to make sure your content marketing is a success is use SEO techniques at the same time  as your content marketing inauguration.

Think of SEO and content  in another way. It holds true to going together, SEO needs something  done, and content marketing is the thing that does it. Here is an analogy that simplifies it.

SEO asks for things, and content marketing always says “I will do my best to give it to you”. Sort of like the Chinese “Yin and Yang.” Neither part is complete without the other.

If you insist on keyword stuffing at the price of good content, Google’s menagerie of Panda, Hummingbird and whatever will destroy you. Nevertheless, by using content and SEO together your chances of the making it to the top three pages of search engine returns (SER) is in your grasp – but if you cannot find a way to make them work together, call Joe Mediate at Webociti. Our number is 678-892-7157. We turn clicks into customers!