Social Media How Can it help My Business

Social Media Marketing How Can it Help My Business

Millions of small businesses want Social Media, but do their expectations of what Social Media can do for them exceed the realm of possibility? Do they even know the importance of what Social Media can accomplish? Are you even doing it right?

With so many books, tutorials, YouTube “Celebrities,” and consultants, it can be hard to determine exactly what can be done and for what price. However, you should implement surveys that determine consumer input from each of the following areas:

1. Financial.
As usual, with any new advertising tactic, small business owners expect their business to “take off” with Social Media, but this can be hard to do if you’re just starting out. We recommend allowing your Facebook insights to keep up with how many people you should expect to see in your store. As with any law of averages, the more people who see and like your pages, posts, and photos, the more people who will come in your store and are likely to buy. Therefore, you can tell if your Social Media is working for you financially if you have ten percent of your fans come into your store, and say that Facebook brought them in. For this reason, you’ll need to find out where your customers are coming from, and what brought them in specifically to make sure that this part of your Social Media Marketing is working.

2. Digital Assets
Next, you’ll need to know if your digital assets have improved. A digital asset is any item of text or media that has been formatted into a source from your company, which includes your right to freely distribute the photos, blogs, or other information regarding your company’s knowledge. You’ll know if these have improved because you’ll have more files. Others may be e-mailing you to use photos or asking you your opinion, referencing your blog, or more. Another important part of Social Media Marketing is to be the best that you can be in your field. If people start asking you questions or advice about your field, you’ll know that you have marketed yourself successfully.

3. Brand
Sure, you may think you know all about your brand and what it stands for. We’re sure you probably even have great reviews on your sites, but what do you do about the bad ones? How you react to your bad reviews is just as important as getting them. It can be hard to remember, sometimes, that the customer is always right, even in a digital arena. But it is true nonetheless. Just because you can ignore or delete a comment doesn’t mean you should. Consistently check your Facebook recommendations, @mentions, review sites, and more to ensure that your customers are constantly and consistently seeing your good side. Social Media is a great place to only put your best foot forward. Do not fail to listen to your customer, even in a public setting. Just like you have to calm customers in the store in front of other customers, you also cannot forget to do this online. You’ll know if your Social Media Marketing is working when problems and issues are getting resolved, and are acknowledged that they are resolved by your customer in a public setting. After you have solved a problem, ask that customer to please comment or leave a review that you helped them. Most sites allow editing of reviews, and if you have helped the customer, most likely they will be happy to edit their review of your company thus improving your brand name.

4. Finally,
if someone in all of these areas is continuing to offer a digital type of customer service, you should begin to see a ten percent improvement (relative to the number of people helped, seen, etc in Social Media specific atmospheres). Don’t expect it over night, but it will be working as long as you see this, and it will become one of the most free and easiest forms of customer service.

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