Digital Marketing

What Digital Marketing Is and Why You Should Embrace It

Digital Marketing – it is astounding that two words can carry so much information. People in charge of brand marketing, whether for a retail branded store (e.g. Macy’s) or for a manufacturer’s site (think Goodyear tires) are involving more of their marketing budget into digital marketing than ever before.

What is Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is also called data-driven marketing. It is the use of products or services participating in online marketing. They include:

  • Your website
  • Your company pages on social media
  • Your strategy for mobile phone advertising
  • Display advertising (paid advertising)

Digital marketing is the promotion of brands and products using one or more forms of electronic media. It differs from traditional marketing as digital marketing avails itself of research into how consumers react to different digital techniques. Certainly, digital marketing works well by collecting and analyzing information concerning online marketing. In fact, as a digital marketer, you might also use:

  • Text messaging
  • Mobile apps
  • Podcasts
  • Digital radio and TV ads
  • Electronic billboards

History of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has been around in one form or another since the mid-1980s. It was during the early 2000s that digital marketing took off and now is a major strategy for internet marketing. In addition to being called data-driven marketing, digital marketing has other aliases that include:

  • Online marketing
  • Internet marketing
  • Web marketing

While it is true that the most important aspect of digital marketing is the internet, the other advertising avenues described above all use online data collection and analysis to target their ads and content to where it will be seen most.

Using Digital Marketing for Your Business

Despite privacy concerns, consumers continue to ask questions through social media about a certain brand. Questions for children’s clothes might include durability, fit, and style. For a household cleaning product questions from consumers may relate to toxicity, product performance, and price.

Data-driven marketing works by having consumers respond to surveys from a brand or a manufacturer or even an online marketing company. The information gathered allows digital marketing experts to use laser-like focusing to capture as many leads as possible that become paying customers.

Meeting Your Goals for Digital Marketing

Just about now you may be thinking – interesting information, but how does it affect my business? Read on! Digital Marketing

  • Successful digital marketing lets you differentiate your company’s product or brand from comparable products out there. To succeed, it is vital that you differentiate yourself. This is done through unique apps, mobile apps on social media, informative content and more.
  • Disturb the existing marketplace by creating a new way of doing business. One example of this is the recent coming to the market of lady’s lingerie offering bargain prices, providing, you become a subscriber and purchase additional lingerie monthly. This is known as subscription and replenishment services.
  • Displace older products and technology. One example is the establishment of home alarm services that are portable, scalable, and affordable. With little or no installation costs (DIYers can do this themselves) and modest monthly monitoring fees, the home alarm system is growing again at an amazing rate.
  • Disrupt an existing industry with innovative technology. One notable example of this is the creation of ride-sharing services such as Uber or Lyft. Cheaper than taxicabs and easy to hail using an app on your smartphone. Ride-sharing services are threatening the traditional cab industry. Even companies that have dominated their industry for years are unable to convince consumers to stay with them.

What to Expect Next

Join the digital marketing revolution. As noted above, you can implement change in your marketing to digital marketing using small and large investments, small or momentous changes to how things are done whether the changes are disruptive or not.

From website design to setting up pages on social media along with experience writing content and developing an online marketing strategy, you should consider professional help. Using digital advertising means addressing lots of issues concerning your online presence.


Joe Mediate