How To Improve Your Website Conversion Rates

How To Improve Your Website Conversion Rates

How To Enhance Your Website Conversion Rates: Overcoming Common Hurdles


Transforming browsers into buyers is a universal challenge in e-commerce.

Whether due to the nature of online shopping or potential missteps in web design and digital marketing strategy, abandoned shopping carts are a common headache for e-commerce sites.

Travel sites experience the highest cart abandonment rates at 80.1%, followed by general retail at 70.4%, and fashion at 67.6%. Although cart abandonment rates have increased nearly 15% from 2010 to 2015, the volume of online shopping has also surged, presenting more opportunities to capture sales.

Common Reasons for Shopping Cart Abandonment

Understanding why consumers abandon their shopping carts is the first step in addressing the issue:

  • Unexpected Shipping Costs: 28% of consumers abandon shopping carts due to high shipping fees that weren’t clear upfront.
  • Account Creation Requirement: 23% of users leave because they need to create an account.
  • Just Browsing: 16% are only conducting research or comparing prices.
  • Security Concerns: 13% withdraw due to worries about payment security.
  • Complex Checkout Process: 12% give up because the checkout process is too complicated.

Strategies to Improve Conversion Rates

Address Unexpected Shipping Costs

High shipping fees can deter customers, especially if they’re unexpected. Clearly disclose shipping costs early in the shopping process or consider offering free standard shipping to reduce cart abandonment. Statistically, orders with free shipping average 30% higher values than those without, and nearly half of consumers expect free shipping for their online purchases.

Simplify Account Creation

Allow customers to check out as guests to streamline the buying process. This approach not only secures a sale but also captures an email address, allowing for future marketing opportunities. Consider incentives for creating an account post-purchase rather than making it a prerequisite.

Cater to Researchers

While you can’t completely control comparison shopping, you can make your pricing transparent and offer a wishlist or save-for-later feature. This helps keep potential purchases top of mind for customers and simplifies the transition from browsing to buying.

Enhance Site and Payment Security

Display security badges and trustmarks prominently across your site to reassure customers. Ensure your site has SSL certificates and up-to-date security measures to protect user data.

Streamline the Checkout Process

Keep the checkout process simple. Limit required fields to essentials like name, shipping address, and payment information. Consider offering a progress tracker or delivery updates via email to encourage customers to provide their email address voluntarily.

Turning Browsers into Buyers

Improving your website’s conversion rate isn’t just about reducing friction—it’s about creating a smoother, more reassuring shopping experience that aligns with customer expectations. If your e-commerce site struggles with high abandonment rates, implementing these strategies can significantly enhance your conversion rates and overall customer satisfaction.

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