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Measuring the Results of Your SEO Campaign

Measuring the Results of Your SEO Campaign

Do you know how to measure your SEO and content to see if it is working for you? If you do know, share how you are doing below in the comments and tell which tools you use. Most Internet marketers do a quick weekly scan using Google Analytics, but it is important to see year to year or quarter to quarter results too. This post will offer some tips for you on how to measure the long-term success of your efforts.

To do this you need to set up a baseline for your key performance indicators (KPIs) and the method used for evaluating them. Are your measurements based on? –

  • Traffic
  • Conversions
  • Leads
  • Annual Revenue
  • Lifetime Value

Whatever method you use for evaluation, make sure it is part of your written Internet marketing plan and focuses clearly on how your plans get you there.

If you use a marketing software solution, be certain that it provides you with metrics that support your business’s goals. If it is not a built-in feature of your marketing software, it is likely that an “add on” or integration is available. Check with your vendor before making a purchase. Otherwise, you may spend a lot of time with dozens of Excel sheets as you attempt to align data from a number of sources to understand where you stand.
How to Measure SEO Reults

When you have the right solution, it offers you a complete solution that gives you the capability of reporting and analyzing your data from one source. While this may need some upfront work, it will save you a lot of time once your system is in place.

Yet, small businesses and startups may not have the budget for marketing software. But, they do have a website that includes offers and sign ups. Even with a zero budget, these businesses can and should measure certain key performance indicators (KPI).

The Three Most Important Things about Measuring SEO and Content Success

There are three KPIs that help show how well your site is doing. They are,

  • Keyword Position
  • Site Traffic
  • Conversions/Bounce Rates

In addition, there are many free tools to help you carry out these measurements. First, check out Google Analytics as the site offers many tools for analyzing your website keyword position, site traffic and conversion/bounce rates.

Keyword Position

Keywords are two-edged swords. Randomly placing them in content that is not relevant and provides no useful new information, is less than helpful. Google and other search engines penalize sites, it considers guilty of keyword stuffing. On the other hand, if your SEO strategy includes keyword positioning you will see more of your keywords increasingly succeed in Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Following are some tools that help you in analyzing keyword ranking.

  • Keyword Rank SERP Checker
  • Moz Keyword Difficulty and SERP Analysis Tool
  • Sitemapdoc

Try using tools that allow you to find how you are doing in your local area. Selling ice cream in the Middle East does you no good, if you are in Chicago selling from a local ice cream shop.

Site Traffic

Increasing site traffic is the every Internet marketer’s dream. There are two ways to do this at no cost to you, and just a small of work and time.

Some free tools include,

  • Quantcast
  • Google Search Console

Conversions/Bounce Rates

Click- through (conversion) measurement tells you how many of your site visitors signed up for your newsletter or blog or even went as far as your checkout page. Bounce rate measurements tell you how many visitors looked at one page of your site and fled. Why is this important? Because if you measure unique visitors or site visits to gauge how successful your site, you have no idea how long they stayed. If you have a high bounce rate you probably are successful through social media and organic research in getting visitors, but you are losing them quickly.

Some free tools for measuring conversions include,

  • Opentracker;offers a free trial, then a paid subscription
  • Kissmetrics;no tools, but offers a great infographic about bounce rates.

Unfortunately, ongoing web analysis keeps you away from your job – running your business. Webociti, in Atlanta, Georgia offers affordable web services including analytics across the nation. Call us at 678-892-7157 to learn how we can help you measure and interpret your SEO and content efforts.  Make Measuring the Results of Your SEO Campaign more understandable and partner with us.