SEO Basics

Top 10 SEO Basics for Beginners

Now that we have clearly defined what SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is and how you can make it work for you, it is time to master the SEO basics. Beginners shouldn’t be afraid to dive right into the great big world of SEO and with these essential steps, you’ll be creating stellar content like a pro in no time flat.

Getting Started: Top 10 SEO Basics

All About the Keywords

Placing appropriate keywords throughout your site is the easiest way to master SEO. From your posting titles to the content you create and the URLs you choose, keywords will make the difference between a good site and a great site. Just remember to be strategic with your keyword usage and avoid keyword stuffing or you may get labeled as spam.

SEO Basics

Choose Links Wisely

The easiest way to boost traffic to your site is by linking back to your own archives. Try not to send readers away from your site unless you absolutely have to. Similar to strategic keyword usage, make sure not to over link, thus making your posts harder to read.

Monitor Search Standing

Keep track of your standings with easy to use tools like Google toolbar or Alexa. Because honestly, how can you know where you need to make changes without monitoring your current search standings regularly?

Choose the Right URL(s)

A big part of mastering SEO means understanding your readers and what they want to see. Make your URLs reader and search engine friendly whenever possible. A clear and conscious use of keywords in your URLs will make your sire much easier to navigate and keep readers coming back for more.

Map Your Site

Even the most fearless Internet users need to stop and consult a sitemap every once in a while. Adding a site map to your site will not only make it easier for readers to find their way around but it will make it easier for SEO spiders to search your site as well.

Awesome Descriptions

Add captions to all of the images on your site. Spiders are only capable of searching through the text on your site, so your images need descriptions that feature well thought out keywords in order for them to be relevant for SEO.

Don’t Get Flashy

For all it’s pretty bells and whistles, Flash does absolutely nothing for SEO on your site. Use Flash, Frames and AJAX very sparingly or even better, avoid them altogether.

Use Social Media

Distributing links back to your site via social media is a quick, easy and free way to get free advertising for your site. With well worded meta tags and slugs on Facebook and Twitter, you can easily drive traffic to your site in 140 characters or less.

Link to Reputable Sites

Sometimes the easiest way to drive more traffic to your site is by creating good relationships with other, well established sites. Don’t be afraid to reach out to Webmasters and ask them to link to your site in exchange for a link on yours.

Create Content

Creating a steady stream of well-written content is the easiest way to increase traffic to your site. Content should be fresh, interesting and have a unique angle that readers haven’t seen before. Update with new content regularly to give the SEO spiders and your readers something new to sink their teeth into.  SEO basics

If you need help getting started and you don’t want to SEO Basics on your own using a qualified SEO agency is most likely a good idea. Our company, Webociti, specializes in providing solutions for your Search Engine Optimization challenges. Call us for a free marketing consultation at 678-892-7157.