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How to Know When You Need an Internet Marketing Professional

Your company has built a list of hundreds or thousands of customers and potential customers. You have reached a plateau, and tinkered with SEO and content, but traffic to your website has not increased nor have walk-ins to your shop. Internet Marketing Professional Team Your own success proves that Internet marketing works, but you have reached the limit of your skills. Perhaps it is time to get help from an Internet Marketing professional?

Signs and Symptoms That Your Website Needs Professional Help

When Was the Last Time You Updated Your Site?

Keeping your website filled with fresh information and product updates is essential to get new and returning visitors. If you only have a vague or distant memory or a total lack of recall about when you last made a website update, consider help from an Internet Marketing professional.

The Rules of SEO

Are you a good zookeeper? Do you understand penguin, panda and other Internet members of the Search Engine Optimization menagerie? Do you have the time, skill or even want to get SEO right and constantly change as SEO rules change? NO! You need  Help from an Internet marketing professional .

Pay Per Click

Pay per click is a way to pay for advertising that drives searchers to your site. Any visitor to your site responding to a pay per click advertisement the agency that placed your ad receives a fee. The question is – are they converting or leaving? Pay Per Click Don’t know? You likely need Professional Internet marketing help.

Are You Retargeting; Do You Even Know What It Is?

Retargeting is an Internet marketing strategy used to target Internet users who have already been on your site. It is done using display networks and banner ads from corner to corner of the Internet. It is different than regular banner advertising or normal display ads as using a retargeting strategy makes sure that your advertising dollars go towards folks who have already visited your site. You can track how successful your ad is by placing a retargeting pixel on a page or throughout your site. In addition to sending information that a user has been successfully retargeted, the cookie goes with the user as he or she visits any display networks you are running on retargeting ads on, they show your ads too. Once the retarget pixel is found, it turns off and you aren’t spending anymore to reach a person you already successfully retargeted.

If the above paragraph were a television ad it would be labeled something like “WARNING, do not try this at home,” or “DO NOT ATTEMPT, professional driver on a closed course.” Retargeting has a great ROI, but is a bit complicated without help from an Internet marketing professional .

Speaking of ROI, Do You Know Yours?

Internet Marketing Professional
All investors in Internet marketing have tools that generate all kinds of reports, such as:

  • Google Analytics
  • Leads
  • Traffic
  • Form fill-ins
  • Calls

So after reading these reports do you know your ROI on Internet advertising? How much does it cost you to acquire a new customer? What do you spend and how effective are your retention efforts? Do you even have a retention strategy? If you cannot answer even one of these questions, you need help from a professional Internet marketing company.

Your Search-Engine Results are Lower than Your Expectations

Properly done, search-engine advertising is the best, simplest, and most cost-effective way to find new prospects. Despite what vendors say, managing paid search engine is much more complex than just signing up, writing and formatting a text ad, and then wait and see the results. To manage search-engine advertising and results take a big chunk of time. If you don’t have the time, your site will not be on the first page of local search results unless there are no competitors. If you don’t have the time, get help from an Internet marketing professional .

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