An Overview of Marketing Automation

Marketing automation isn’t just a way to embrace modern technology for the sake of it, although it does take full advantage of everything that our Internet-enabled lives have to offer. Rather, it’s all about doing what you’ve always been doing, just in a much more efficient and successful way than you’ve been able to in the past. Marketing automation is a term that refers to the practice of bringing together sales and marketing to accomplish truly significant results. Are you interested in increasing both offline and online business by more than 150%, for example? If you were given the opportunity to increase your qualified leads by more than 75%, or to improve your conversion rate by up to three full times, would you take it? Marketing automation can promise all of this and more.

When it comes to marketing automation, however, there are six main areas that you’ll need to concern yourself with.

E-mail Marketing

E-mail marketing is a great way to send targeted messages to both existing and prospective customers at pre-determined times. Do you have a sale that you’re currently running that will expire in a month? You can send one e-mail a week and gently remind your customers about the promotion. Each message can be a little more urgent than the last, which allows you to both connect with your audience better and enhance your email marketing efforts beyond what you can do on your own.

Lead Generation

In marketing automation, lead generation is all about making sure that your website is up to speed with all of the latest requirements for the digital age. Your website needs to be search engine optimized, for example, so that it will rank highly in searches on sites like Google. It’ll also need strategically designed calls to action that allow your customers to download a white paper, sign up for a newsletter and engage with your brand in various ways.

Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing campaigns typically begin with your website. When a user completes a form, for example, they provide you with certain important contact information like their e-mail address. You can then send targeted, automated e-mails to that customer on a regular basis to help keep them engaged and entice them to continue to remain in contact with your organization.


In terms of marketing automation, prospecting is all about communicating that your product or service is the answer to problems that the customer may have. By showing that you’re the type of industry leader who can help solve their problem, you position yourself as the authority in the business that you truly are.

Sales Force Intelligence

Sales Force Intelligence not only helps you deliver the right message to your customers, but it also provides you with greater understanding of the sales conversion process in general. Sales Force allows your sales team to see what online behavior the buyer engaged in, so that they can be armed with everything they need to complete that sale during the eventual phone call.


Analytics in marketing automation are a great way to identify certain buying trends and behavioral patterns within your target audience. They can show you what those customers are interested in, where they’re spending the majority of their time online and more. You can then use that information to increase the effectiveness of your marketing strategy.

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