Mobile Marketing and Near Field Communication

Today, Smartphone’s and tablets have permeated our culture in a way that no gadget has in the past. People are hooked on these devices—using them for texting, email, web surfing, gaming and yes… making phone calls. If you own a business that conducts a large amount of local business, you have probably noticed your customers using their phones while they are in the store. They may be chatting with a friend, but they could be checking the internet to find out if your prices are competitive.

This device in the hands of your customers gives you the opportunity to make an impact in a way you never have before. When customers are in your store, you now have a chance to collect information, convince them to subscribe to your newsletter, like you on Facebook or even watch a product video. With a mobile device in hand, you can engage customers with offers, coupons and information when they tap an NFC tag or scan a QR code.

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What are NFC Tags and QR Codes?

NFC Tags are small readable labels made with a tiny computer chip that allows it to transfer information directly to a Smartphone’s with a simple “tap.” QR codes are small readable codes made up of black and white squares. A QR code works much the same way, a Consumers scans the QR code using a Smartphone camera and can then access nearly limitless information.

Mobile Marketing

A Simple Engagement Solution

A simple point of purchase sign can give you instant shopper engagement. For instance, if your customers tap an NFC tag or scans a QR code you can direct them to any number of different results. You may display a video full of product information, send customers to a landing page, encourage sign up for a newsletter or even provide a discount coupon to purchase a particular product. As a side note, many people wait for a coupon for a particular product, so instead of making them wait for it to arrive in a newsletter, why not provide it right away instead of taking the chance the customer will make his or her purchase elsewhere.


Get Social

Social media of all types is one of the best ways to engage your customers. Why don’t your shoppers connect with you, give reviews, collect special offers or subscribe to newsletters? Often it is because they simply forget. Now with QR codes and NFC tags you can help them connect with you while they are still in the store. After you make the connection, all you have to do is find new ways to engage with people and social media makes it easy.


How Can You Get Started?

Webociti will work with you to create an NFC marketing strategy that can accomplish more than you ever thought possible. While each project is a little different, our objectives include:

Increasing overall exposure, foot-traffic and revenue

Designing a mobile marketing campaign to engage existing customer

Build customer loyalty using mobile marketing promotions

Increase reputation on top review sites

Grow social media following and increase followers on Facebook, Twitter and other platforms

Design visually appealing marketing collateral

Generate leads and collect customer information


Mobile Marketing Made Easy

At Webociti, we will work with you to develop a turnkey mobile marketing program that includes setup, encoding and end-to-end campaign design. Our NFC tag and QR code actions are completely customizable. We can include any number of tag actions in the campaign we build for you. Some of the different ways our platform can be programmed include:

Tap to Website – When a customer taps the NFC tag they are taken directly to a website of your choice. This could include your main page or a specially designed landing page where you collect their information as part of a promotion.

Tap for Facebook Like – Tapping this NFC tag will take your customers to your Facebook like page. After the user likes the page, you can direct the customer to another URL.

Tap to Dial Number – In this case the customer taps your NFC tag and their phone will pre-dial a number of your choice. This is ideal if you want to provide an “answer line” of you are providing a take-home tag where a callback would be beneficial.

Tap for SMS Opt-In – Increase your customer loyalty and engagement by providing a NFC tag that opts-in users for your SMS promotions. Since your customers don’t have to send out the text by hand it makes it easier to get those subscribers.

Tap for Wi-Fi – Customers can automatically connect to your Wi-Fi connection through an NFC tag. This automatically sets up the network and password, connecting your customers easily and securely.

Tap for App Download – An NFC tag is one of the best ways to increase your app downloads. When a customer taps a tag, they are automatically directed to the store for installation.

Tap to Check-In on Foursquare – Users will find it easier to engage on Foursquare when they can check-in with just a tap.

Tap to Tweet – Set your users up with an instant Tweet with an @mention of your name. This can be a BIG way to boost social media engagement.

Tap for Coupon – Send your customers coupons and deals with an NFC tag. This can send through text, email or any other method of your choice

Tap for Video – Create multimedia campaigns using YouTube or other video platforms. Direct customers to a promotional video with just a tap.

Local Mobile Marketing

Creative Impact

Webociti provides both NFC tags and QR code pre-programmed and locked for use in your mobile marketing campaigns. We also provide a full range of creative design services to help make your codes and campaign stand out from the crowd. Our design services include:

Mobile-optimized lead generation landing page

Flyer design with NFC call to action

Point of Sale and Point of Display signs



No marketing campaign is complete without a way to track the impact. Webociti offers a full-range of analytics solutions to help you understand how your campaign is working and where it can improve. Webociti tracks the following data:

Tap engagement

Geo-location (city, state, country)

Day of week

Time of day

Recent action

Landing page conversion

Based on your mobile marketing objectives, other activities can be tracked and analyzed. We will work with you to establish KPI (key performance indicators) to benchmark future strategic decisions. For example, we can provide weekly, monthly or quarterly reports and updates and work with you to refresh the design as you see fit.

Understanding mobile marketing and NFC tags is a complicated matter. Don’t try to get through it alone. Call or contact us at Webociti and talk to one of our mobile marketing specialists today. We’ll help you reach your customers in ways you never dreamed were possible.


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