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Is your company's website as optimized as it could be? Is your Internet marketing plan effectively reaching your target market? Could you have more traffic than you are currently generating?

SEO Consulting The Way You Need It

Our SEO Consulting Services are intended to be used in two ways: we can either offer a transfer of our knowledge to your marketing team, or we can do all of the work on your project, campaign or event. Most of our clients request our knowledge transfer or review. In this instance, we will work with your team to educate or validate the path you would like to take or the path you are considering for your search engine optimization, web design or web development

If you need more help, we will offer a full consulting project to answer general SEO questions over the phone, create a promotional campaign for you or handle any other marketing task you have. We can take the ball and run with it, leaving you to enjoy the results.

We have designed our search engine optimization consulting services to work on a retainer basis, helping it to be an affordable option for you. Because these types of consulting engagements are diverse, we bill on an hourly basis with a minimum of ten hours per month per project.


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Our SEO consulting services are a great way to get started with professional SEO help without the higher cost of formal search engine optimization services. At Webociti, we have designed a program that will fit your budget and help you start on the path to success, no matter how small you need to start. Whether you are a small business, a medium business or a large corporation, you can benefit from our knowledgeable SEO staff and search engine optimization services.

Let Webociti's team look at your current Internet marketing program and web environment to create a plan to get you the web traffic you need. Choose SEO consulting for a short-term project or a long-term relationship to help you meet your goals and objectives. This is SEO consulting designed for you, to fit your budget and to fit your needs.

To learn more about our SEO consulting and Internet marketing services, complete the request form or call us at 678-892-7157.


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Classroom Training

That is why we offer face-to-face SEO Training in a classroom setting.

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