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At Webociti, our goal is to help our clients maximize their online marketing goals. One of the ways we do this is with our SEO Website Assessment. Our SEO Assessment Service gives you an inside look of your website, evaluating areas that need to be improved to boost your SEO effectiveness and, ultimately, your ranking on the major search engines. This Search Engine Optimization Service gives our clients the crucial information they need to make the changes to limit the problems holding back their website's ranking.

Through an SEO Website Assessment, we will create a comprehensive report that diagnoses the problems that are affecting your organic search engine results, then evaluates those problems to find a workable solution. This service provides you with a road map you can easily follow to improve your website and boost your rakings.

Problems the assessment may find include issues with:

  • Page layout
  • Website construction
  • Site architecture
  • Server configuration
  • Site content

The report will be as small or as large as needed to cover your entire site and touch on all of your marketing goals for your company. We typically take several weeks to complete a full SEO Website Assessment.

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Discovery Interview and Consultation

The SEO Website Assessment process begins with a discovery interview. One of our SEO consultants will meet with your Internet marketing team to familiarize us with your business objectives and goals, the industry you are targeting and your target audience. We will also look at the history of your company and your prior marketing efforts. This interview will take place over the phone or in person, depending on your location.


Website Review

After gathering crucial information in the discovery interview, we will conduct a thorough review of your website. One of our search engine optimization analysts will evaluate your website from the perspective of its SEO factors, identifying potential problem areas. We will then create a list of recommendations for you to use to correct those problems. The review will look at site layout and architecture, home and landing page construction, server configuration, site architecture and link popularity.

Easy Fix Report

Knowing what is wrong on your site is not helpful if you can't fix it. Our easy fix report will show areas on your sites that you can easily fix to improve your SEO. At the initial phases of the assessment process, we will give you the easy fix report, so you can begin fixing simple issues while we are still delving into the site to find all of the issues. This will give you results while we are still in the process of evaluating your site.


Website Assessment Report

When the full Website Assessment is complete, we will create an assessment report that highlights all potential issues we found affecting your search engine ranking. We will include a list of instructions on how to implement the fixes the report suggests. The report will be prioritized from most important to least important, allowing you to address issues in the order necessary for the best results.

SEO Progress Reports

We will provide a monthly progress report you can use to monitor your site's search engine ranking on the targeted keyword you're looking to improve. This report will show you your site's rank on each of the major search engines. If you decide to implement a new SEO initiative after your assessment, these progress reports will help your team manage your future search marketing goals. The monitoring report is part of our SEO Assessment.


SEO Consulting

Our SEO Website Assessment come with a set number of hours with a Webociti SEO analyst. This gives you the chance to review items covered in your reports and determine the best course of action to implement the recommendations. This proves invaluable as you seek to improve your search engine placement with the recommendations we provide.

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SEO Training

Understanding is the key to properly implementing the process we recommend. That's why our SEO Assessment Services includes SEO training for your marketing team. If you have an internal team of employees handling your website, we will meet with them and teach them how to best optimize the site, both now and in the future, to maintain your search engine optimization goals. This allows you to not only understand what we recommend for your site after our assessment, but also why.

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