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Do you know what your competition is doing online? Do you know who your top online competitors are? You may be surprised to learn that your online competitors are not who you think they are. Competitive SEO analysis can help. With Webociti's help, you can get a handle on who, what and how your competitors are online, and what you need to do to beat them.

We will help you find the right target keywords, content, descriptions and other information to help you be as competitive as possible online through an effective SEO strategy. We will help you pinpoint your competition and determine what factors they are using that are helping your competitors rank higher than you. The end result is a search engine marketing plan that will be effective, pushing your rank higher than your competition as you work to maintain online success.

The report will be as small or as large as needed to cover your entire site and touch on all of your marketing goals for your company. We typically take several months to complete a full SEO Website Assessment.

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Determine Who Your Competitors Are

The first step in a competitive SEO analysis is to determine who your online competition is. It may seem simple. After all, if you are GM, it's easy to see that Ford is your competition. Yet, when it comes to search engine optimization and ranking, competitors are not always so obvious.

In order to find your online competitors, you need to consider each keyword you are targeting. Each one may have a different competitor. Chances are that these competitors are not the same as the competitors targeting your brick and mortar establishment. Assuming that your online competitors and your brick and mortar competitors are the same is a dangerous assumption. We will help you find your true competitors, so you can better structure your website, target your keywords and optimize your online efforts to improve your performance, pushing you ahead of the competition.


Stay Ahead of the Competition

If you want a successful website and a strong online presence, simply identifying your competition is not enough. You must take steps to stay ahead of them. Optimizing your site in its own little bubble will not help you gain online success. Optimize your site, instead, so that you beat your competitors, and you will see greater success.

At Webociti, we will help you learn how to keep track of your competitors, so you can change the factors that are hurting your optimization and help it outperform the competition. Our analysts will find the top 10 competitors for your site and your keywords, determine why they have a higher rank, and help you make the necessary changes to push your site higher.

Yet this is just one way we help you surpass your competition. More importantly, we will help you better reach your target market. We will help you choose keywords that target your target audience, so the people who need what you offer will find you, not your competition.

This is the key to staying ahead of your competition when marketing online. Better targeting of your audience will push you out ahead of the competition. With Webociti's help, you can do this.

Discovery Interview

If you are interested in a competitive SEO analysis, we will begin the process with a Discovery Interview. During the interview, we will get to know your business, its goals and your target audience. We will discuss your current keyword programs and targeting and your perceived online competitors. This scheduled conference call between you and one of our SEO analysts will help us get a good feel for what you are doing.


Competitive SEO Analysis Report

After the interview, we will create a report that describes your top competitors for each of your target keywords. This report will contain the names of your competitors as well as suggestions you can use to compete against them and improve your search engine rankings. This practical advice will give you the tools you need to act on the information received. It is a detailed, practical report that will make you competitive in the online world. We believe that every company who wants to have a monetarily successful website needs a Competitive SEO Analysis with our SEO Assessment.

SEO Consulting

Our SEO Competitive Analysis comes with a set number of hours of SEO consulting with a Webociti SEO analyst. During this consulting session, we will review the items found in our Competitive Analysis Report, and help you understand how you can implement these recommendations in your website. Our analysts want you to succeed, and we will go above and beyond to ensure you know what you need to do to improve your search engine placement.

For more information about our Competitive SEO Analysis and internet marketing service just complete the Request Form or call us today 678-892-7157.


SEO Training

Finally, our Competitive SEO Analysis comes with SEO training. We will host a training course that covers the fundamentals or organic SEO, so your marketing team will know what they need to do to maintain your results. The class will cover trends in SEO and the tactics and strategies you need to know. To learn more about our training classes, click here.

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