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SEO Training

SEO-Search Engine Optimization

SEO-Search Engine Optimization is absolutely necessary for any business today. It allows your company’s website to rise to the top of search engine results pages so that leads can find your business. Without SEO, consumers looking for products and services like the ones that your business offers will not find your website. Instead, they are more likely to find your competitors’ sites, so that you do not get their business.

There are many elements to good SEO. If you use them well, your search engine rankings can improve dramatically so that your profits also increase. As SEO experts, we know how important SEO is to your company’s success. We also know how valuable your time is. You don’t have time to wade through the news, forums, and social media platforms to try to figure out which SEO strategies to follow and which are useless.

Webociti’s SEO Training Teaches You What You Need to Know

That is why we offer face-to-face SEO Training in a classroom setting. We offer many classes each year near our Atlanta, GA headquarters. We can also conduct classes at your corporate location. Course creator Joe Mediate, a serial entrepreneur and SEO expert, teaches the Search Engine Optimization Training courses that can help consumers find your website. The courses are designed for:

  • Corporations
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business owners
  • Staff who are part of the marketing team
  • Staff who are involved in the developingment or operation of your website

Learn Essential Skills From Webociti’s SEO Training Courses

The experts who developed our SEO Training classes have years of search engine experience. The classes are appropriate for any level of experience, and cover the rapidly changing world of SEO and internet marketing. The classes are carefully structured, and we welcome questions on the topics as we cover them.

The goals of the class are to help you understand how SEO works and how you can implement it. You can confidently apply the tools that you learn to increase web traffic and customers. We teach only white-hat techniques to increase the legitimacy of your website and SEO results. The following topics are covered.

  • Keyword use and researchs
  • On-page and off-page SEO strategies
  • Improving search results rankings
  • Staff who are part of the marketing team
  • Evaluating page layout
  • Meta tags
  • Getting indexed by the major search engines, such as Google
Standard SEO Training

Standard SEO Training: Two Day Master Course

Webociti’s Standard SEO Training Course is a two-day event that can leave you feeling like a pro. It is designed for anyone responsible for building traffic to your company’s site. Managers, Website owners, IT departments and support staff, Web masters, and technical business owners can benefit from this course.

You will learn the fundamentals of SEO and the established methods for successful results. We will also teach you how to incorporate SEO, internet marketing, and social media strategies to take your marketing campaign to the next level and hit your goals for growth and customer base. The course is not a PPC (pay-per-click) course, although we do touch on important aspects of PPC strategies. More of the focus is on improving organic search results. If your business relies on online traffic, you cannot afford not to know the skills that our Standard SEO Training Class teaches.

Cost for Standard SEO Training Course: $1,990.00 per person. Register Now

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Also Available - One Day SEO Boot Camp

Webociti SEO Boot Camp is for managers and business owners who are looking to better understand SEO strategies and Internet Marketing.
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Kick-Start One-Day SEO Training Course

Our SEO Boot Camp is a one-day search engine optimization course covering the fundamentals of SEO. The course is designed to give business owners and entrepreneurs the skills they need to hire and manage an SEO expert or team. If you don't know SEO and don't trust an employee who doesn't know it either, you risk hurting your brand image or being lost among the millions of other websites on the web. Your site can even be removed from search engines under some circumstances!

Cost for our SEO Boot Camp: $995.00 per person. Register Now

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That is why we offer face-to-face SEO Training in a classroom setting.

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