Pricing Engine

Webometer - The Intelligent Pricing Engine

Webometer is an inventory pricing and competitive price analysis solution that provides knowledge and saves money for e-tailers. The system saves business owners money because retail inventory turns and valuation play a vital role in the longevity of both large and small businesses. Retailers with large inventory demands can find it difficult to manage all their product pricing models. At Webociti, we supply retailers with an intelligent inventory pricing solution that is both cost-effective and easy to use.

Your online retail business needs the Webometer managing its inventory to be price competitive in the market.

With so many operational factors dependent on the accurate pricing of your inventory, it’s never been more important to get it right. At Webociti, our approach to pricing your products is strengthened by our real-time pricing management system.

We are able to increase or reduce a product's price the moment you request it. All the information about competitor prices are updated throughout the day. This ensures that you are operating with the most current data when making pricing decisions.

Pricing Engine

Three Reasons Every Retailer Needs an Intelligent Pricing Engine

1 - To Keep an Eye on Competition and Cash Flow

Once you have evaluated your stock and established a pricing structure, you then need to consider what your competition is charging for that same stock. Businesses must know the value of their inventory and how their competition is valuing similar products.

Knowing what your competition is charging directly impacts cash flow. The Webometer gives retailers the ability to secure valuable competitive pricing information with the platform to adjust inventory pricing to impact their bottom line.

With an inventory of several thousand products, it is simple to understand how difficult it can be to manage every product properly. Pricing engines make light work of inventory pricing.

An integral part of retail merchandising is competitive pricing. Intelligent analysis of your standing in the marketplace is paramount to success. The Webometer scans the internet for the products you and your competitors are selling, then it compiles reports comparing pricing with your competitor's pricing. The Webometer generates reports giving retailers the power to make intelligent business choices.


2 - To Analyze Price and Create Smart Valuations At A Low Cost

Smart valuations are made possible by pricing engines utilizing real-time adjustment generation. Intelligent e-Commerce pricing systems like the Webometer, are always online analyzing the competitive retail market with preset user generated parameters.


3 - To Manage Retail Sales Cost, Which Always Comes Back to Price

The vast majority of your products may sell promptly based on assigned price. The price of your inventory will naturally change based on the life cycle of your stock. New merchandise will have a completely different pricing strategy than inventory that is nearing the end of its maturity.

Price analysis reports are generated by the Webometer, and retailers can make smart valuations of their inventory based on increases and decreases being made by your competitors. Most products will have higher price sensitivities, and only the unique and exclusive items will sell regardless. So, it’s important to understand the price sensitivities of all the products in your inventory.

The ability to manage important facets of business operations in such a streamlined way will save money for your business. For a retailer, inventory is the life’s blood of their sales structure. Enlisting the assistance of a smart e-commerce pricing engine like the Webometer can be the difference between high profit margins and loss of revenue.

For more information on our Webometer - The Intelligent Pricing Engine and associated services, call 678-892-7157 or for a free quote click here.

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