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Real Estate is an industry that has seen a transformation thanks to the maturing of the internet. Former advertising from realtors was almost exclusively through the print media - mostly in Sunday real estate sections of local newspapers. Today those sections have shrunk from one of the heaviest parts of the paper to one of the smaller Sunday sections - so, where have the advertisers gone?

Real Estate Marketing

Almost every real estate agency has taken to the internet for marketing. Together, internet marketing and referrals are the backbones of the real estate firms getting homes to sell and finding buyers for homes in their inventory.

But, as newspaper advertising was crowded, the internet is brimming with your competition. Throngs of agencies are part of the frenzy home buyers and sellers face. But, properly done, an online marketing campaign is effective and efficient.

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What Goes into an Effective Online Marketing Campaign for Real Estate Agencies?

Marketing Campaign for Real Estate Agencies

Build a new website or refresh the one you have. If your website was a weekend do-it-yourself project, it is most likely in need of a complete overhaul. Have a professional build your site. To keep folks on your site longer, make sure it is integrated with your local MLS service. Having all available for sale listings on your site is a wonderful opportunity for capturing new leads. Even the smallest brokerage is competitive when connected to and frequently updates from the MLS service.

Real Estate Digital Marketing

The first step in any company’s internet marketing campaign is to set goals that can be measured - a measurable goal is to increase home inventory by 10% in 90 days, or, increase sales by 10% in 60 days. Another goal for an internet marketing campaign is to increase the selling price of properties by 15% within one year.

Local Marketing

Location, location, location are famous words attributed to the world of real estate. Geo-location targeting is an imperative for effective real estate marketing and advertising. Drilling down to neighborhoods, or even streets are possible to target areas you want to market and advertise in . This will give a bullseye approach to leverage you ad dollars.

Digital Marketing at Webociti

Home buyers who stop on your page are who you want to linger and sign up for your newsletter - what, no newsletter? You need one if you don’t already have one. The point of a real estate website is to get people to want to do business with you rather than your competition. Once you have their interest, you want to keep it. Sophisticated real estate sites employ news and trends for both buyers and sellers. Topics for sellers can be as simple as Staging Tips or as complicated as “Financing Your Home Sale Yourself.” Webociti has a team of experienced real estate copywriters that can augment your photos and videos.


Hire a professional internet copywriter with real estate experience. Too many real estate sites overuse words such as cozy, elegant, and such. Per a Zillow study earlier this year, the word luxurious added 8.2% to the sales price of lower-tier homes for sale. Among higher-tier homes, the word captivating added 6.5%. They go on by identifying 15 words that added value to home listings, from impeccable to landscaped to pergola. With our help, together we can develop a list of words that add value to your online property descriptions. This is only one area where Webociti's experience as a successful real estate marketing agency helps you.

Website Design and Development

Speaking of words, Webociti has years of real estate website development and maintenance experience and the founder has personal experience as a member of a real estate firm. This gives your realty firm a lift. Melding real estate experience with search engine optimization gives Webociti the ability to astutely do SEO so that keywords are intertwined and clients and potential clients remain engaged and on your site.

Marketing Automation

Get your message out on social media. Today’s internet surfers tend to share things they find online by posting to their own Facebook page, Pinterest, or Twitter account. Webociti can automate this process for you as nothing is worse than stale content. Stale content means searchers will spend milliseconds rather than minutes on your site.

Paid Advertising

Use analytics to track your progress. Webociti routinely sends clients reports on their web presence and use the reports as a guide for positive changes. This is another area where our Paid Advertising has a place for online marketing. Webociti often sees sales climb following a well-planned paid advertising campaign. Experience as a real estate marketing agency is important.

Mobile Website

Be sure your website is mobile-friendly. Over 60% of home buyers search from a smartphone and rely on it during their search to find property locations and driving directions. If your site is slow loading or doesn’t fit a small screen you are leaving money on the table as searchers will not stay on your site but will go to a competitor.

Now more than ever you need an expert marketing consultant to help navigate your marketing efforts with a predictable marketing system. A proper marketing system identifies qualified buyers and help you target market to them with a clear message that you’re the best real estate agency to work. It reinforces that because of your knowledge and experience in your city or town, you're the real estate firm that they need. As an agency you need a system; not a bunch of tactics that is the latest fad that the media is reporting on


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