Webinars: Creating Engaging Content that Your Audience Will Love.

Organizations are always on the lookout for new ways to deliver content to their audiences. We have been through social media, direct emails, our websites and scanned every potential opportunity for engagement. We've created sales funnels, blog posts, white papers, landing pages and newsletter sign-ups. Perhaps we've even created explainer videos or other quick video content.

With all of this activity, are you missing what could be one of the most beneficial channels for your business? Webinars may be the "perfect storm" of marketing elements: a sign-up form, several touchpoints over a short period of time and sometimes even an opportunity for one-on-one conversation with brand-new prospects and customers. Are you ready to see what you've been missing by not offering webinars for your business?

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Why Webinars Work?

Are your customers begging for a 30-minute commercial for your business? When done properly, a webinar is an ideal medium for a long-form conversation that promotes your brand as a trusted advisor for their business. This favorable positioning not only allows you to continue the conversation but leaves your prospect intrigued and perhaps even slightly obligated to listen due to the value that they've received. It's important to note that the pendulum only swings in your direction when the content that you present is truly valuable to your audience. A critical rule of content marketing is that you must be adding value to the conversation or your prospects and customers will quickly tune you out.

Cultivating Interested Lead.

Registering for a webinar is a deeper level of engagement than simply downloading a whitepaper. With a webinar, your prospects are committing a block of time to your ideas.

Even taking the time to register and not attending the webinar provides you with the ideal opportunity to further the conversation as long as you utilize timely follow-up procedures. At a minimum, well-planned webinars should have the following touch points:


Primary contact, when they learned that there's a webinar available. This could include anything from a social media post, an email forwarded from a friend or an ad that pops up on their favorite websites. Registration, where you gather more information about your lead, including a valid email address.

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Confirmation and thank you email, allowing you to confirm the date and time and even add the upcoming webinar to their email client of choice. This also lets you share a tidbit or two of additional information about your brand, and tease the value of a deeper connection.


A first reminder is often sent a day or two prior to the scheduled webinar date. Pitch the benefits of the webinar again, as people are busy and may have forgotten why they registered. A second reminder, an hour to a few hours before the start of the webinar. This is your last opportunity to add value.


An immediate thank you note, sent as soon as the webinar ends, with a link to the final recording or slides. As you can see, webinars offer multiple chances to engage more deeply with your brand and continue the conversation using a mixed medium.

There are a significant number of questions to answer when you're creating your first webinar strategy, including:

  • What is the goal or deliverable? 
  • How will you measure success?
  • Which tools and technology should you use to create the webinar and follow-up marketing?
  • How does the webinar fit into your overall marketing content strategy?
  • What's the balance of information that gives "just enough" to add value without overwhelming your audience?

These questions will take some time to work through. For some organizations, the biggest question is whether or not they have the staff knowledge (and time!) to create an effective webinar strategy. Researching the right tools, obtaining licenses, vetting the content and creating the visuals can take time away from an already-stretched team. 

At Webociti, we have seen this challenge repeatedly with our clients. We see the massive value of a solid webinar strategy for businesses, but pulling together the diverse pieces with existing staff is a burden. Our digital marketing professionals will work with you to supplement your current staff and either create a holistic website strategy and support your implementation or simply be a sounding board for your great ideas.

Learn more about webinars and how they can benefit your unique business model by calling us today at 678-892-7157 or filling out our online contact form here. We will quickly respond with more information and a free initial consultation. Wouldn't it be great to have the undivided attention of your audience for 30 minutes? You need to create a webinar! They're the ideal vehicle for deepening customer engagement with your brand.

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