Making Social Media Work for Your Business

It is not always easy to see how your Social Media Marketing efforts are paying off, explains Stephanie Chandler on Forbes. But she elaborates that social media can pay off in unforeseen and indirect ways. Because of this, it is worth it for your company to put the effort and resources into social media. You just need to focus on making social media work for your business. Here are some ways you can achieve this goal.

Keep Up With Your Customers

Social Media is not just about getting new followers, although that is one aspect to focus on. You also need to interact with the followers that you have and keep your customers interested in your business. Do this by being regularly active on your social media accounts through sharing content, photos, videos and other media formats related to what your target audience is interested in or what your company is all about.

Share updates on your company to constantly keep consumers informed on your business. Also, give them special offers that they will only have access to through your social media pages, as a way to show you value them and that it's important for them to follow you. By interacting with your followers in these ways, you can keep them interested in and connected to your company.

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Use Social Media For Customer Service

Use Social Media For Customer Service

Social Media has become an important component of customer service. Customers will share their experiences, both positive and negative, with your company through social media. You can encourage positive experiences by thanking customers and engaging with them. Also, you can use negative comments as a way to show your company's values and your company's perceived worth of its customers, explains Rachel Strella on Social Media Today.

To handle negative feedback, Strella suggests you respond to all feedback. If the comment is true, apologize and ask to contact the customer away from social media to find a solution. If the comment is somewhat off-base, apologize for what is true and correct misconceptions, then ask to discuss more offline. If the comment is completely false, apologize for the customer being unsatisfied and then work out the problem offline.

Create a Social Media Strategy

Create a Social Media Strategy

In order to make social media really work for your company, you need to have an established strategy. Your strategy will ensure that your time and resources are worth the effort and it will help you reach your goals. When you begin with social media, you need to first spend time figuring out which social media platforms your customers are actively using.

Then, determine which platforms you want to use and how to best use them. You will want to use more than one platform, but focus on a small number instead of stretching yourself too thin across too many platforms. You can use the platforms in different ways, as long as you create some cohesion to make it clear that all your platforms are for the same company. A social media marketing expert can help you figure out which platforms to target and how to reach your audience on each one.

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