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Sell more upfitted vehicles with less confusion with our new Upfitter Marketing Portal

Is your dealer network, sales team and marketing department spending countless hours wrestling with three-ring binders, spreadsheets, PDF’s and word documents just trying keep up with your product information on the vehicles you sell?   Wouldn’t you rather they spend that time following up with customers and closing deals?

Webociti has the answer with our new Upfitter Marketing Portal (UMP).  This new marketing platform is designed to support the ever-changing needs of an upfitter by combining the needs of your customer-facing website your dealer network, your sales team, your marketing department and the operations department

Imagine this scenario: Your sales staff walks into a dealership and is able to successfully configure a vehicle during the conversation, create an order, get it digitally signed and walk out of the office with an order.

Upfitter Marketing Agency
Current Information at Your Fingertips

With our revolutionary online marketing system, your administration team inputs vehicle information only once. The products descriptions, details, pricing, images, videos and PDF brochures are immediately available to your website, dealers, sales staff, marketing department, operations team and even to your end buyers. Here's how it works:

  • Your sales team seamlessly logs into their web portal, using the easy online tools to create and configure the car, truck, van (or any other vehicle) that they need. They can immediately email estimates to clients, create an order, view and download brochures and access product details with a few clicks.

  • Your dealers also have access to a version of your web portal and can see the various configuration options that you offer, view and download brochures, videos and images and create an order and submit it to your company online.

  • Buyers visit your customer-facing website and are able to see the same options that your sales reps and dealers have, but without the pricing. They can submit a quote request online to either your dealer network or your sales team -- your choice!


What does this mean in real terms? You can toss those three-ring binders full of outdated information, reduce your customer service overhead and supercharge your sales team.

Tired of trying to determine whether dealers have sold something you no longer offer or having customers receive different estimates that end up costing you hard-earned profits? Webociti's web-based dealer portal allows you to update your information one time and make it available to all of your various audiences.


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Service Levels You Can Trust

We have been working with automotive upfitters, dealerships and repair shops for decades, and truly understand your business model and how to promote your services. Our team leveraged that knowledge to build our Upfitter Marketing Portal, and we are making it available to you along with ongoing support to keep everything running smoothly. You can be confident that Webociti will maintain your website and your dealer portal -- and that your new site will be incredibly easy to use and maintain.

Digital Marketing, Amplified

You know all there is to know about creating a truly unique custom vehicle, but are you familiar with all of the intricate ways that you can drive visitors to your website? Our dealer portal also provides you with an easy and comprehensive suite of digital marketing services including local search optimization, customer follow-ups, landing pages for advertising and more.

When a potential customer searches for "emergency vehicle upfitters", "conversion van upfitter" or "work truck upfitter" in your area, are you on the first page of search results that shows up in Google or Bing? If you're not, you are likely losing out on some important marketing real estate that's being claimed by your competitors. If your business isn't being well-displayed on the web, prospects may not realize how top-notch your work is, and that can cost you in terms of lost sales. Hitting these specific search terms allows your website to appear as a highly relevant result when people are searching for your type of business.

Nurturing Your Customers

When you provide new prospects with an estimate from your website or when they speak with a salesperson, do you have a firm followup track to help you close these sales? Educating your prospects about the value you offer can take more than one conversation, but committing to having these ongoing talks one-on-one can be costly. Instead, let the digital marketing professionals at Webociti walk you through how to create a proactive communication series that helps gently share they key benefits of using your team for their next truck or van upfitting job. 

Search Engine Optimization

When the content on your website is refreshed on a regular basis and is highly relevant to individuals who visit your site, you're taking advantage of search engine optimization. This is different from search engine advertising, where you bid on specific keywords and then pay when individuals visit your site. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is essentially "free" -- at least, once you've taken the time to review the content on your site and made a commitment to keeping fresh, updated and highly interesting content available for your website visitors. We have decades of experience creating content for your website that visitors will find engaging with a strong call to action. 

Analytics You Can Trust

If you have engaged in paid marketing in the past, you can see how difficult it is to track the value that you're receiving from your marketing dollars. At Webociti, we are fully committed to ensuring that you know which part of your marketing dollars are delivering -- and where you may need to make some changes in order to make the best use of your funds. We have helped dozens of automotive businesses create an online location where visitors and customers alike gain confidence in your skills while seeing the high-quality work that you complete on a daily basis. Part of our responsibility as marketers is making recommendations that help our clients see the biggest value from their marketing investments.  

When you are ready to reduce your operations overhead and supercharge your marketing efforts, contact the digital marketing team at Webociti. From our Advanced Upfitter Portal software to creating a marketing strategy that will meet your business goals, we are beside you each step of your digital marketing journey. Contact the digital marketing professionals at Webociti today at 678-892-7157 or fill out our quick online contact form today. 

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Our digital marketing solutions gives your automotive business a total online presence that sends new clients to you.


Don’t take our word. See what’s our client said about us.

We had a business meeting yesterday. Everyone is so pleased with the new website and our website ratings, we're coming up in the first 5 when we search on Google. - Thank you and your staff!


We have been using Webociti for three plus years now and we couldn't be more pleased. They have a deep understanding of effective SEO in an industry that seems like the wild West and is full of promises. Sales are up 53% as I type this and most of it is from our organic ranking with Google.