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Medical Digital Marketing

In the Medical field, it is common to focus solely on traditional methods of marketing. Direct mail, print advertisements and community events all have value, but they can be limited in scope. Today, every medical professional from physicians to equipment suppliers can take advantage of the same technology that drives their practice to target a wider audience. At Webociti, we begin every new Medical Internet Marketing Campaign by performing an assessment of the management team’s current strategies before developing a plan that targets the following marketing areas.

Digital Advertising

Getting potential customers to visit a company website is one of the biggest factors for the success of a Medical Internet marketing Campaign. Strategically crafted and timed social media posts can generate excitement about new products and services that can be shared among thousands of prospective customers within minutes. Mobile optimization also places your company’s website in the palm of your customer’s hands so that your marketing efforts will be more effective.


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Marketing Automation

They say timing is everything, and nowhere else is this truer than in business. Poorly timed social media and digital marketing campaigns are certain to fail. Marketing automation comes down to basic science, and we can give your sales team the analytics that they need to know when your customers are most likely to be interested in exploring your products and services.

Website Design and Development

In Medical Internet Marketing, your company website serves as the storefront from which you display your services to potential new patients. As a general rule, the longer a potential customer stays on your website, the more likely they are to make a purchase. This means that your website should be interactive, engaging and informative. It is also important for you to know that every little detail of your website from the font you choose to the layout can have an effect upon your Search Engine Rankings. Fortunately, we have a team of SEO Experts who can make sure your website goes to the top of the list.

Search Engine Optimization

While basic SEO knowledge can increase your rankings, having a competitive analysis can drive your business further to the top in your industry. Kick off your medical Internet marketing campaign by choosing our Professional Full Service SEO offering that includes complete management of your website to increase traffic and generate new sales.

Whether your company needs a completely new Medical Internet marketing Strategy or just a few tweaks to the current one, making the effort will lead to results. Start with a comprehensive analysis today and move into a new realm of marketing where a wider audience can mean soaring toward new heights for your sales goals.

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Webociti Health Care & Medical Marketing Services

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We had a business meeting yesterday. Everyone is so pleased with the new website and our website ratings, we're coming up in the first 5 when we search on Google. - Thank you and your staff!


We have been using Webociti for three plus years now and we couldn't be more pleased. They have a deep understanding of effective SEO in an industry that seems like the wild West and is full of promises. Sales are up 53% as I type this and most of it is from our organic ranking with Google.